Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Levin: Frum is a disgraceful, petty, Palin-obsessed DC-insider

"As an American, Jew, and conservative, I consider Frum an embarrassment"
Mark Levin gives Vichy Republican and pretend conservative David Frum the drubbing he deserves via Facebook:
Here's a part of his post at CNN, where he is apparently a regular contributor, which makes the point:
"Ben Smith in Politico reports that the trip was booked through a Christian tour operator. But the real news is who did not book the trip: the Republican Jewish Coalition, the group that brought George W. Bush to Israel in 1998, Mitt Romney in 2007, Haley Barbour in 2011, and many other presidential hopefuls beside.

"Very likely you have never heard of the Republican Jewish Coalition. But then again, you probably are not seeking the Republican presidential nomination. If you were seeking the nomination, the RJC is one of the groups whose support you would certainly want.

"Joining an RJC Israel tour is a well-established ritual in gaining the support of the RJC's board and the group's 40,000 activist members."
The rest of Frum's brilliance is here.

By most accounts, Palin's trip was a great success. She stated her emphatic support for Israel. She met with several important Israelis. She was invited by the Prime Minister for a private dinner. And more.

But that's not good enough for Frum. According to him, she didn't use the RJC, of which he is a Board member, to handle the event. As an American, Jew, and conservative, I consider Frum an embarrassment. With rising anti-Semitism throughout the world and support for Israel weakening in the West, including among young people in the United States, he should be praising her visit and her commitment to Israel. He should encourage more such trips and meetings by more opinion-makers and politicians, regardless of the group that handles these events. Instead, Frum focuses on nonsense. This is why Frum is neither taken seriously nor should be by a growing number of thinking conservatives.

As for Ben Smith at Politico, why does it matter if Palin's trip was booked through a Christian tour operator? Indeed, why isn't that a good thing? Do we not want Christian organizations promoting Israel? Smith is another small mind.
More Frum dismemberment here by Sheya.

- JP

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