Friday, March 25, 2011

James Lewis: The Liberal Media Cult

"Our media literally have lost the knack of thinking for themselves."
At American Thinker, James Lewis has the media pegged. It's a cult of liars. Excerpts:
There's plenty of evidence for coordinated propaganda lies in the media. We even have an apology from Roger Simon of Politico for the corrupt and massive coordination of media headlines using the JournOlist email list. They say they've dropped JournOlist, but they are still at it every single day, probably through a secure website. We know that the Washington Post, the NYT (all the news you're allowed to think), and the UK Guardian (an old Stalinist rag, as Malcolm Muggeridge revealed in his autobiography), are talking to each other all the time.


Media leftists are liars. That's the only way they can say the same words on the same day, every day. Rush Limbaugh has been proving it for years just by recording the talking heads of the MSM on any given day, all aping the same words, syllable by syllable. Even monkeys are smarter than that.


Just Google these words: "Sarah Palin loses popularity."

I just got more than 8 million hits on that phrase in 0.22 seconds.

The hits include:

1. The New York Times. (Natch!)
2. McClatchy.
3. CBS News
4. HuffPo.
5. Newsweek.
6. Mother Jones.
... et mendacious cetera.

We know who started that little viral lie. It came from the Washington Post, from Dana Milbank, who whipped up a twitter mob for the specific purpose of shutting Governor Palin out of the liberal media. That's how scared they are of the Governor of Alaska.

All the little brainwashed Leftobots went Heil Dana! Zum Befehl! And then they marched stiffly to all their twitter pods and typed in the message from the Politburo. It's just like those old Nuremberg mobs in the 30s. Libs are really disgusting human beings.

And now the words "Sarah Palin is losing popularity" has 8 million hits on Google.

How's that for mass brainwashing?


- JP

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