Monday, March 21, 2011

AFP: Sarah Palin dines with Israel's Prime Minister

She is planning a second - more "official" - visit to Israel in the coming months
Gov. Palin joined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for dinner at his Jerusalem residence Monday on the second day of her (mostly) private visit to Israel, according to an AFP report:
The meeting, at which the two were accompanied by their spouses, was off-limits to the media, and Netanyahu's office did not immediately publish any statement.
A pair of photographs released by the Israeli Government Press Office showed the two couples standing in front of the Israeli and United States flags in the residence:

Palin Netanyahu

Palin Netanyahu 2

Gov. Palin, who will return to the U.S. Tuesday, is planning to return for a longer visit in the coming months, according to reports in the Israeli media.

Here's a video clip from coverage by Israel National TV:

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