Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 230

"I will remain" Edition

RidesAPaleHorse at Death By 1000 Papercuts:
"Interviewed by Rush Limbaugh, President Palin explains... 'It’s not like I hadn’t done my best to reason with the Muslims in the weeks leading up to the devastation we brought to them but their position was clear, they were not about to negotiate with a mere woman. At recent meetings with the OPEC representatives, most of which had strong ties to Al Queda and the Taliban, I tried talking to them, to see my side of the issue but they kept asking me where the President was, where my burkha was and didn’t I have woman things to do like pounding clothes on rocks or making the falafel or tending the camels and goats, did my husband know how disrespectful I was and why was he not keeping me under control. When I protested that that kind of discourse was objectionable to me and that we should be talking about the problems they have created in that region and that there were consequences for their actions, they all had a good laugh and said what’re you going to do about it……bomb us? And I said, You Betcha!'"
William Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"Interesting how the death threats against the Palins are not plastered all over the American media, how there is no outrage, and how the threats are not imputed to the entire Democratic Party and left-wing blogosphere, as was done with the ridiculous claims that Sarah Palin's electoral map had some connection to the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords."
Alana Burke at The Record Searchlight:
"A gun-wielding madman who shattered lives in Arizona was the impetus for the left to demand an era of new civility. They claimed right-wing inflammatory rhetoric was responsible for the violence. However, the shooting was not rhetorically motivated. It was the tragic result of a young man's deranged psyche and the abject failure of those people in his immediate environment who, for example, chose to sit closer to the door in case he snapped, rather than get him the help he desperately needed. Across the nation liberals deluded themselves and others into believing conservatives like Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin possess God-like power: Say it and it shall be done. Apparently they think left-wing pundits like Mike Malloy, with his post-Arizona diatribe to Limbaugh — 'choke on your neck fat you rancid, filthy, right-wing freak' — are impotent. It must be so given the left's double standard of vitriol accountability. If you are voicing a liberal perspective, have at it, vitriol and all, if you are voicing a conservative perspective, mum's the word."
Merv Benson at PrairiePundit:
"I like Sarah Palin... She would make a good President if given a fair chance... Of all the cnadidates she is the strongest on energy policy."
Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"In short, billion dollar war chest or no, President Obama is quite vulnerable come November 2012. And in my opinion, he's particularly vulnerable to a common sense housewife from Wasilla who understands that energy creation is the key to our prosperity, isn't afraid to say exactly what she thinks and has already demonstrated that she's a lot sharper than the cartoon character she's been portrayed as... She's the epitome of the end to business as usual in Washington. Which, of course, is exactly why she's been singled out for demonization by the Left... Will she run? I haven't a clue.But there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that if she decides to go for it, the Obamas had better start planning to change addresses."
Devonia Smith at
"Recently several of Palin's Reagan speech 'Don't tread on me' top applause lines regarded her energy position. From the applause, many Americans agree with her."
Tim at C-POL:
"Wisconsin Republicans are doing an awesome job of playing political hardball with their wayward colleagues. Woefully few Republicans have the guts to do this on the national stage. Sarah Palin is one, and I'm convinced that this accounts for a good portion of her popularity among the conservative base. Ironically, this seems to be precisely the quality that makes establishment Republicans squirm. Are they even capable of putting forth candidates who will refuse to let the MSM/Dem complex walk all over them?"
Jim Treacher at The DC Trawler:
"Speaking of nincompoops and Newsweek, Andrew Sullivan announced he’ll soon be bringing his tireless search for Trig Palin’s afterbirth to the Daily Beast. He’s just asking questions! Here’s a question: Why does anybody read Andrew Sullivan?"
M Catharine Evans at American Thinker Blog:
Paul Johnson doesn't suffer from PDS like some others. Rather he sees Sarah Palin as a courageous leader and likes 'the cut of her jib.' ... 'The wonderful tea party,' Palin's 'got courage,' and 'this awful political correctness business' are sentiments American patriots have not heard from some of its own conservative leaders in quite a long time. If courage is the 'central virtue' as Johnson suggests, the Republican establishment might do well to heed his words."
A reader via Jennifer Harper at The Washington Times:
"Lassie was a Christian?"
Doug Adams in a letter to the editor of the Sioux City Journal:
"With the price of gas skyrocketing and turmoil in the Middle East (again), former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's calls for energy independence and to "drill, baby, drill" right here in our own country during the 2008 presidential campaign are sounding prophetic. As President Obama restricts drilling efforts in our own country and increases our dependence on foreign energy sources, and gas prices rise to the point they may once again cripple our economy, it's becoming clear we need a different type of leadership in the White House. Governor Palin alone among the potential presidential candidates in 2012 has the experience (as commissioner of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission) and, more importantly, the will, to see us become energy independent and no longer rely on foreign sources of energy to fuel our economy."
Rush Limbaugh:
"They attacked Palin. They attacked her kids. That's why it so grates on me when I hear Republicans echo what these people say about Palin. I can't tell you how angry that makes me... She's got more courage and more bravery in her little finger than our presidential field has"
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"What is it about that phrase, 'right-wing,' that obtrudes? It’s mainly because I have trouble imagining a scenario where a reporter would use 'left-wing' in a similar context. Surely if Palin is 'right-wing,' Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer and many other Democrats must be judged 'left-wing' by the same measure, yet that label is never applied to them... Why is it that Republicans can win an enormous electoral landslide, a political indication that GOP views are closer to the mainstream “center” than the views of Democrats, and yet supposedly neutral reporters still feel the need to apply the label 'right-wing' — suggesting an extreme 'fringe' ideology — to one of the most popular figures in the Republican Party? Just askin’..."
Holly Bailey at The Ticket:
"Add Sarah Palin to the list of potential 2012 candidates skipping the first official debate of the GOP presidential primary... Is this a sign that Palin isn't running in 2012? Not exactly. So far, no candidates have confirmed for the May debate, and at least one 2012 hopeful — Mike Huckabee — has said he won't be there."
Allahpundit at Hot Air:
"SarahPAC’s treasurer tells NRO that the scheduling had nothing to do with the debate. Okay, but raising money for families of deceased vets on a night when the Pawlentys and Gingriches of the world are chasing their personal ambitions on national TV is a pretty sweet contrast to draw. It’s also an opportunity to enlarge the shadow she’s cast over the field. Her absence at the library will be felt regardless, but if she says something provocative in her speech at the fundraiser that gets the media’s attention, she might steal the spotlight away from the debate the next day. That’ll drive her rivals nuts and build momentum for a splashy late entry into the race... None of the other top-tier candidates seriously present themselves in the Reagan mold, and since the debate’s being sponsored by two media outlets that grassroots conservatives loathe, her decision to skip the event is easily forgiven. It’s all upside."
- JP

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