Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 226

"In The Race" Edition

Doug Powers at The Powers That Be:
"If Palin runs, can she win? I think anybody could win — sometimes that’s the problem — but I’d sure like to see her in the race. She’d certainly be hard to beat on the fundraising end, which is obviously the #1 consideration in the make-or-break rankings. Palin’s one of the few, if not the only one, who doesn’t have a conservative street-cred stain. Some — Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty for example — are fiscally conservative but with the deal-breaker of having been known to swig Al Gore’s Kool Aid. Others like Huckabee are gullible saps on government motives behind childhood obesity — Huck actually thinks the focus of 'Let’s Move' is to make kids healthier, fer cryin’ out loud. Mitt Romney was the original architect of Obamacare, and you know how that flies with conservatives. Ron Paul will win every online poll imaginable while getting slaughtered at the actual polls, so I won’t waste time even going there. For now, among the candidates who have been mentioned and are likely to run, Sarah Palin’s my choice in the primaries. That is, if she runs… which we may find out soon."
Ryan Henson:
"President Obama... deserves an opponent who can match him for oratory and charisma, prepared to fight tooth and nail for the presidency. There is at present just one person who matches the criteria: Sarah Palin."
Patrick S. Adams at Patrick's World USA:
"Who in their right mind would listen to Karl Rove after all his cronies have put this country through? ... Remember, it was the Establishment who gave us George W. Bush and John McCain. It was the people who gave us Ronald Reagan. So it's time to stand up and forget what the media tells you. Forget about the resignation or the Saturday Night Live skits. Forget about gravitas and who gets to decide who’s smart and who’s dumb. Forget the poll numbers, which are only... media dogs chasing tails (the media tells you Palin sucks, you believe it, you answer a poll question, the media reports that Palin sucks based on the poll). Mark my words. Save this post. It will be the Establishment’s fault if we don’t win in 2012. They can whine all they want about Sarah Palin. But there isn’t anyone else out there that's willing to flip the tables and get everyone back to the starting line so we can run this thing right again."
Drew at Barking Moonbat Early Warning System:
"Mrs Palin insists that it’s the parents who decide and not the govt. as to what their kids eat. Guidelines aren’t a problem. Suggest away. But stay out of our kitchens."
David Limbaugh at Creators.com:
"Consider that Bill Clinton, with no basis in reality, slandered and scapegoated conservative talk radio for the Oklahoma City bombing; that Obama's Department of Homeland Security issued a report suggesting that tea party protesters are potential domestic terrorists; that the left uniformly rushed to judgment in indicting conservatives, including Sarah Palin, for the Arizona shootings and persisted with the charge even after it was abundantly clear that it was factually erroneous; and that the left continues to equate conservative talk with hate speech that will lead to violence and advocates selectively suppressing conservative speech through such insidious means as the Fairness Doctrine... The political left has increasingly shown its ugly face since Democrats won both political branches of the federal government in 2008, and they show no signs of pulling back, despite growing popular resistance from the American people. Their arrogance, extremism and brutality should be their undoing."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"Karl Rove Now Openly Mocking Palin… Rove represents the worst of the elitist GOP establishment."
Jerry Wilson at Goldfish and Clowns:
"Dude. Is appearing hip and cutesy to your fellow Washington insiders who hate Sarah Palin’s guts for being everything they aren’t — self-made, walking the talk when it came time to stand up to corruption, loved by those not in the same cocktail party inner circle as you — so utterly important to you that cheap-shot misogyny is acceptable political currency? If you have a policy difference with Sarah Palin, say so. Lay out your facts and make your case. Instead, both Rove and Carlson have gone schoolyard by speaking like immature little boys who get back at the prettiest girl in class for not going out with them by attempting to make fun of her. Enough. If you want to be the big man, be a man and man up. Starting with growing up."
Conservative Girl With a Voice:
"Mr. Carlson took it upon himself to call former Alaska Governor, author and political contributor Sarah Palin a... term that not only serves to degrade and demean the female sex, but shows a total lack of respect and common human decency."
Erick Erickson at RedState.com:
"Sargent used his Washington Post platform to go after both the highly regarded Thomas Sowell and Sarah Palin for comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler — something neither of them did. Sowell’s column highlighted governments’ use of crises to expand government power. It also included a reference to Franklin Roosevelt. Sargent did not ask if Palin and Sowell were comparing Obama to FDR, just Hitler. He also asked last year if there was a 'Sarah Palin vileness/absurdity threshold'. Why? Because Joe McGinniss decided to stalk the Palin family, moving in next door to the Palin family in Alaska to write a book on her. Sargent did not like that Palin was, to say the least, concerned. Again, why should we on the right give Sargent the benefit of the doubt that he was being 'sarcastic' in his calls for union violence when he has a long history of never giving anyone on the right — especially Sarah Palin — the benefit of any doubt."
Paul Zummo at The Cranky Conservative:
"Nothing says 'we’re ignoring you' quite like circulating a mass internet petition to state one’s intent to ignore another individual... As Rush has said, Sarah Palin lives rent free inside of these people’s heads."
Marcus Carey at Bluegrass Bulletin:
"Sarah Palin Visit To India Criticized, Of Course... They couldn't just let her trip to India for the purpose of addressing a conference of India's businessmen go without criticism, so the press had to mention how little foreign travel she's had. But who cares about that? It's not as if the rest of the world has solved its problems and we need to go there and learn from them... When it comes to choosing our next president, I'd like to think we would pick somebody who will stand up for America, rather than somebody who thinks Europe, Asia and the Middle East have it all figured out."
Tammy Bruce via Twitter:
"Make no mistake: @GovChristie wants to be AG in a Romney admin. He had dinner w Mittenz & started the attack on Palin. That simple."
Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller (Language alert after jump):
"There is a time and a place for low-brow humor. But is a Sunday morning public affairs program that is broadcast all over the country such a place? So much for the calls for civility in political discourse. On the Sunday airing of NBC’s 'The Chris Matthews Show,' host Chris Matthews thought viewers should be treated to some derogatory attacks on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The MSNBC host with a history of accusations of misogynistic behavior from both the right and the left featured a video from 'Funny or Die' and set it up by calling it 'an upper.'"
Daisy at Chicks on the Right:
"The clip didn’t do much for me, other than make me feel dirty from that McTingly laugh, which reminds me of a 12-year old girl talking about her middle school nemesis."
Alaska Bound:
"Ben came running up beside me and said 'SHE'S here'. The fact that we go everyday left me asking 'WHO?' He said Sarah Palin. He walked me over to look down and there she was, watching her daughter's basketball game. By the time Ben went back down to ask her if we could get a picture with her after the game (we didn't want to keep her from watching her child's game), the game was over and she was gone. My sister and I went to look for her and found her leaving. I asked her would she wait while I got the kids and she did. She was so sweet to wait on me and it really meant a lot to all of us."
- JP

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