Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gov. Palin: Obama DOMA decision 'appalling, but not surprising'

"The President has flip-flopped on yet another issue"
Maggie Gallagher, a National Review Online contributor who is also chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, asked Sarah Palin for her opinion on President Obama’s decision not to support the Defense of Marriage Act. Here's Gov. Palin's reply, as posted on NRO's The Corner:
"I have always believed that marriage is between one man and one woman. Like the majority of Americans, I support the Defense of Marriage Act and find it appalling that the Obama administration decided not to defend this federal law which was enacted with broad bipartisan support and signed into law by a Democrat president. It’s appalling, but not surprising that the President has flip-flopped on yet another issue from his stated position as a candidate to a seemingly opposite position once he was elected."
- JP

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  1. I consider Obama's stance on the Defense of Marriage Act to be grounds for impeachment. As the President, he has sworn to uphold the Constitution. It is NOT his constitutional right to choose what standing laws he will defend or not. So, as he has decided to forsake his oath, he should be "dethroned". He has DRASTICALLY over-reached his constitutional authority, far more so than any other President in our history. I, for one, do not feel it's OK to just ignore his anti-American actions. It's time for him to go. There's no justification for waiting until the 2012 elections. He should go NOW!