Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mediots mock bogus 'Palin' tweet, ignore White House 'Lybia' gaffe

Have they put her on "double secret" probation?
P.J. Salvatore catches the UK's Daily Mail mocking Sarah Palin for the spelling of a Twitter profile which isn't even hers. But the leftist rag isn't going to let a denial from Gov. Palin or the fact that the Daily Mail hasn't confirmed that it is her "secret" Twitter profile get in the way of a good bad smear job:

It’s in her home state, it’s America’s highest peak and she’s even climbed part of it.

But Sarah Palin seemingly cannot spell Mount McKinley.

See, they had to put “seemingly” in there to save their backsides from printing falsehoods. While Palin denied that she operates any ghost accounts, the Daily Mail saw fit to go ahead and claim this one as hers and mock it for the handle’s spelling.


...the publication was silent when the President’s known and confirmed White House Twitter account featured the misspelling of “Libya” in a recent update:


See? British leftist journos can be just as idiotic and hypocritical as their American colleagues fellow travelers.

- JP

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