Friday, March 11, 2011

Allen West for U.S. Senate 2012

Thank you, John Cornyn
And here we were beginning to think that one of Texas' great embarassments, Sen. John Cornyn was good for nothing. But the Senator, by virtue of his latest numbskull undertaking, has caused us to rethink that assessment. According to a report at The Hill, Cornyn tried to recruit Vichy Republican and MSPDS hack Joe Scarborough to challenge Florida Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012. Of all the harebrained things Cornyn has done, this one pegs the needle on the Outrage-O-Meter.

Clinical Law Professor William A. Jacobson is just one of the many voices rising in opposition this morning to Cornyn's latest act of RINOcery, opining on his Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion blog:
It is bad enough when the NRSC backs milquetoasty RINOs like Charlie Crist.

But recruiting a founding member of the No Labels group is a step way too far. Joe Scarborough already said he wanted no part of you, what don't you understand about "no labels"?

And recruiting someone who is out front in proving he can bash Sarah Palin harder than any Democrat will lead to a revolt and schism in the party...


If John Cornyn wants to rip this party apart, then he has found the way. Does he want our energy and money devoted to stopping a GOP senatorial candidate, or stopping Barack Obama?
Prof. Jacobson asked his readers for their suggestions on who is the next Marco Rubio in Florida, and a commenter named freshman Rep. Allen West of the 22nd Congressional District. Sounds like a winner to us. Thought Col. West would be a formidable running mate for Sarah Palin in 2012, he is probably needed more in the U.S. Senate.

So Cornyn is good for something, after all. He's got us interested in the 2012 Florida GOP primary race for U.S. Senate and determined to defeat whatever Vichy Republican he and his corrupt NRSC will back. We have every confidence that if Col West chooses to accept that mission, he will successfully carry it out. Now to find a primary challenger to take on Cornyn here in Texas for 2014...

- JP

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