Friday, March 11, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 232

"Thank You" Edition

Jordan Fabian at The Hill's Blog Briefing Room:
"Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Friday applauded Sarah Palin for endorsing his proposal to cut $500 billion from the federal budget over the course of one year. Paul praised the former GOP Alaska governor after she pressured congressional Republicans to pass a plan similar to Paul's during a Thursday night interview. '@SarahPalinUSA Thanks for recommending we take a more serious look @ budget cuts. #WethePeople understand the gravity of the budget problem,' the Tea Party-backed senator tweeted. Paul voted against a Republican plan this week that would have slashed $61 billion from last year's spending levels while funding the government through the end of the fiscal year. The Kentucky freshman said that the bill did not go far enough."
The Crack Emcee at The Macho Response:
"There is absolutely nothing to stand in Sarah Palin's way for the presidency, if she wants it... It's Sarah Palin or nobody - and I mean that just the way I said it."
Morgan at Hoosiers For Sarah Palin:
"Sarah is accused of instigating the Tucson shooter to shoot Congresswoman Giffords, kill six people and wound twelve others by the media, pundits, bloggers, columnists and politicians, and yet her response is 'widely seen as tone deaf' because the focus was defending herself. So her response would not have been widely seen as tone deaf if she hadn't defended herself to the charges of blood libel lobbed against her by Mr. Barr's colleagues? Am I the only one seeing the absurdity, the sheer absurdity, of what Andy Barr wrote?"
John Nolte at Big Journalism:
"...we call on Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric to release every frame of video involving their 2008 interviews with then Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin."
Hollywoodland at Big Hollywood:
"After losing his collective (pun intended) mind [Wednesday] night on Rachel Maddow’s show over the all kinds of awesome drubbing Big Public Labor is taking across America, we here at Big Hollywood resurrected a 14 month-old ABC News story reporting on Michael Moore’s willingness to hire cheaper, non-union workers for his most recent film and deny them health care. From there, Governor Palin tweeted our story ’round the world, Michael Moore responded about as defensively as anyone could hope for (tee hee), and then later [Thursday] evening the Governor and Sean Hannity reminded the world once again of Moore’s hypocrisy..."
John C. Wright:
"Mr. Whittle may not speak for you, but he speaks for me. I would not have voted for John McCain had there been anyone else on his ticket aside from Sarah Palin."
Matt Towery at
"This past week, I've seen or read plenty of news analyses suggesting that the Republicans have a weak field of presidential hopefuls for 2012. Not so. I believe that many of the potential candidates who might seek the GOP nomination have strategically strong paths to the White House, assuming that President Obama is still vulnerable next year... In some ways, Palin reminds me of female version of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The press dubbed him incompetent and unelectable. The people found him magnetic and about two tons smarter than he was given credit for. Keep a watchful eye on Palin. She learned the ropes during her vice-presidential campaign as John McCain's running mate."
Benyamin Korn at
"Mother India meet Mama Grizzly. We can’t wait..."
Chris at The "Right" Solutions:
"Sarah Palin keeps going, she doesn't care about her critics and she rises above. That not only takes character, but that takes guts! This speaks volumes of how she has developed her ideology, how she has led in Alaska and will lead, if she were to be elected president. Johnson puts her up with the greats of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, two leaders who stood by their principles, while dodging criticism (and bullets) yet had the guts and the courage to go on... Those guts, that courage, allowed Thatcher and Reagan (and Pope John Paul II) to work cooperatively, setting the course as strong leaders, to bring an end to the Soviet Union and Communism in Eastern Europe... Despite the view of some in the Republican Party questioning her electability, Sarah Palin has an excellent shot at winning the primary, if she wants it. She is the most consistent conservative of those running, has executive experience, can face and rise above the pressure and criticisms of the job, and as Paul Johnson believes, she has the guts to keep going!"
State Of Emergency:
"Death Threats Against Republicans In Wisconsin... How will the media find a way to blame Sarah Palin for this?"
MataHarley at Flopping Aces:
"Sour grapes and good ol’ fashioned angry mob protest is not the only assault launched against a duly elected majority in Wisconsin, desperately trying to get the State’s debt under control... The labor unions and Democrats… are going back to their Alinsky roots and commenced with an assault campaign on Wisconsin’s Governor in an effort not dissimilar to the smear campaign, launched against then Veep candidate, Sarah Palin. A notable difference here – the Dem party can’t figure out a way to make the taxpayers pay for their smear campaign, as they did in Palin’s case. They are having to pay for it themselves this time. Too bad."
Steve Zodiac at Mustard Street:
"Unless we hear the usual suspects in the Democratic-Media Complex complain every bit as loudly against these death threats made [Wednesday] against Wisconsin Republican legislators as they did about Sarah Palin's crosshair map, then anything -- but anything -- they have to say about 'civility' can be laughed off with contempt from now on."
James Lee at A Shot And a Beer:
"Republicans, and Tea Party type people specifically, do not shun minority conservatives. Walter E. Williams, a black economic professor, often hosts for Rush Limbaugh when he is out. Not many other guest hosts get the praise Mr. Williams does. Thomas Sowell, a black conservative columnist, tends to get rave reviews on his writings. J.C. Watts, former Republican Representative from Oklahoma... still rocks the house with Tea Party folks. I attended an event last year including Watts, Fred Thompson, and headlined by Sarah Palin... Second only to Palin, Watts got the loudest and longest applause... Today, we have people like Nikki Haley, of Indian descent, Herman Cain, Allen West, and Marco Rubio winning elections last fall, with heavy Tea Party support. And at the same time, you find Leftist protesters at a gathering to denounce the Koch brothers saying that Justice Thomas should be 'strung up' and 'put back in the fields.' So you tell me... Give it up, Leftist Media."
Susan M. at Cape Pac:
"One thing that has stunned many people, even conservatives accustomed to their virulence, is the way the liberal press has gone after Sarah Palin. After all, what has Palin ever done to them? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. She has done the one thing that liberals cannot tolerate: she has challenged their pre-conceived notions. Why, nothing that shocking has happened since 1980."
Mr. Grey Ghost at Politik Ditto:
"Can't help but wonder how and why Moore got the part. Certainly not because she looks like Palin. I mean, did she secretly campaign for the part just so she could ridicule her? Or was she picked solely based on talent? Moore is an unabashed liberal and a huge fan of The One. Moore also lacks class and has little dignity in that she has no problem taking on risque roles that require her to appear nude or kiss other women. With Moore's far-Left views and this just being conservative-hating Hollywood, somehow I can't picture Palin getting a fair representation in this flick."
- JP

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