Friday, December 3, 2010

Viguerie: Palin's Foes May Push Her to Run in 2012

Those attempting to tear her down may be kicking up more than they bargain for
Joe Scarborough’s Politico hit piece on Gov. Palin this week may end up having the effect of persuading more conservatives that the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate should run for president in 2012, rather than discouraging such a run, according to longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie. The direct mail pioneer and current chairman of made the suggestion in a Newsmax op-ed:
Sarah Palin is the Republican “it” girl right now because she yields no ground to establishment types, blue bloods, political consultants, media elites and all those who contributed to the political and moral deterioration of the Republican Party.

Palin was ahead of the curve in taking on the GOP establishment, which is why she is a tea party favorite. She is now what Ronald Reagan said in 1976 we needed in our leaders: those who are unfettered by old ties and old relationships.

If Palin were to run, even if she didn’t win she would unquestionably transform the GOP primary for the better. Her mere force of presence would require Republican contestants to address issues they otherwise wouldn’t — in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.

In a time when the GOP teeters between returning to its constitutional small-government roots and remaining the party of Democrat-lite, Palin has a confluence of several appeals that most other prospective GOP candidates lack. Add to that her tea party credentials, and she’s hands-down a bigger big-tent prospective candidate than Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, and others frequently named.

Most importantly, Palin is a boat rocker who isn’t afraid to say the Republican Party needs to move in a direction it hasn’t even debated in over a decade, and actually shrink the size of the federal government.

Texas-born Viguerie makes his home in Virginia.

- JP

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