Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Sarah Palin's Alaska' ratings jump 17 percent

Half a million more viewers than week two
TV Examiner Matt Carter observes a bump in the ratings for "Sarah Palin's Alaska" for week three:
As it turns out "Sarah Palin's Alaska" could very well be a ratings smash every time. After the TLC program dropped significantly in ratings following the premiere (as expected), the numbers were back in the upward direction for the third installment.

What sort of viewer count are we talking about? The show managed to pull in 3.5 million viewers Sunday, which is a healthy increase of 17% over the previous episode.


If "Alaska" manages to keep this up, the network could be clamoring for more episodes sooner rather than later.
What explains the gain of half a million viewers over week two? Carter says it could be chalked up to spike in viewer interest, given all of the media buzz over Bristol Palin's appearance in the "Dancing With the Stars" finale. We believe James Hibberd called it correctly when he pointed out that week two's episode took an extra hit from the CMA Awards broadcast on ABC.

Whatever the reason for the rise in ratings, we have to laugh at all the haters who were pronouncing the series dead after week two. Their PDS makes them continually beclown themselves.

- JP

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