Thursday, December 9, 2010

Politico Click: Hunting expert grades Sarah's shooting

"It seemed realistic to me, and I’m a pretty harsh critic of that"
Palin haters have been claiming the guv is no hunter, a bad shot, and everything but a child of God in the wake of Sunday's hunting episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." Her supporters have pointed out the the gun she tried first likely had it's scope knocked out of alignment when her dad, who was carrying the rifle at the time, took a hard spill on rocky ground. They add that the first shot she took with another rifle, one which did not hit the ground hard, dropped the deer.

Politico decided to ask Nick Seifert for his opinion of Gov. Palin’s hunting skills. The outdoorman's credentials include hosting the “Straight Shooting” segment of “American Gun Dog” for five seasons and 12-years at Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines:
“Technically, it wasn’t perfect, but to me it seemed honest. Unlike a lot of shows that cut everything out, that was a fairly honest hunt,” said Seifert.

As for what was technically off, Seifert said Palin “shot a lot of times, it’s hard to say what kind of shot she is.” But Seifert noted that Palin “had a good rest, she was calm and she squeezed the trigger.”

“That’s the hardest part,” he said, “to calm yourself down when you are going to kill a big game animal. She did a good job there.”


Palin also took heat for the questions she asked her father about the gun kicking and when to shoot, but Seifert said that he has heard experienced hunters ask similar questions. “You don’t want to injure the animal,” he said.


Seifert’s conclusion? “It seemed realistic to me, and I’m a pretty harsh critic of that because I see a lot of unrealistic stuff out there on hunting channels. I thought it was an honest hunt and I thought there are a lot of people out there who would like to have that kind of time with their dad.”
But the haters won't listen to anything anyone says that doesn't tear down Sarah Palin. Try to get them to listen to Seifert's evaluation and they will put their hands over their ears and shout, "I can't hear you."

h/t: Jesse Cornish

- JP

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  1. Isn't it great that SP's show drives liberals so crazy that Politico found it necessary to fact-check her hunting cred with a professional hunter? They're so afraid of her!

    I've seen the haters make this claim all over the place. It's so ridiculous for a lot of reasons. Palin has never claimed to be an expert hunter. So she asked a few questions and made a few mistakes, big deal. She's not a professional hunter. Also, she's been pretty busy these past few years as a political candidate, giving birth to Trig, being a mom and wife, worrying about her son overseas, etc. She probably hasn't had the time to go hunting as much as she used to so she was probably a little rusty. I also think she enjoyed letting her dad help her because it makes him feel good to be a teacher - it was his profession after all. :) One last point - even if she hadn't been hunting as much as usual over the past few years, she's at least been around the hunting culture which includes dressing the meat for processing, preparing it for freezing and most importantly, cooking with it. She's not just exposed to the culture she's actively living it.

    I'm glad Nick Seifert gave his honest opinion and told the truth, even though the haters won't listen.