Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 170

"It Don't Mean a Thing if You Ain't Got Those Swing States" Edition

Tony Lee at Human Events:
"The 2012 election will most likely be decided in the Electoral College swing states of Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and Colorado. Is it not plausible that Palin could win Ohio (her natural constituency may be the blue collar, white male workers who have been displaced, and they may turn out in droves to vote for her), Florida (with her staunch support of Israel), Missouri (where Proposition C, a direct rebuke to 'Obama Care,' passed with overwhelming support earlier this year), and Colorado (she can turn out Evangelicals in Colorado Springs in a state whose Democrats are running away from Obama) and thus win the election? To anyone so sure and confident that Palin cannot win a general election, I ask: Would you bet your mortgage that she could not win these swing states?"
Jay Newton-Small at TIME's Swampland Blog:
"Even though Sarah Palin could start her own Oprah book club -- the book she recommended in an interview with Barbara Walters... Confessions of an All-Night Runner, went from No. 13,086 to No. 4,764 on Amazon's most read list overnight -- she's clearly switching gears to focus on her more serious side."
James Pethokoukis of Reuters:
"With one op-ed piece in the WSJ, Sarah Palin has made a lasting impact on the dynamic of the upcoming Republican presidential race — even if she doesn’t run. (Though I think she will.) By strongly endorsing Rep. Paul Ryan’s outstanding Roadmap for America’s Future, Palin has set a floor for how radical and sweeping an agenda the 2012 candidates can offer. Anyone offering less will look timid and inconsequential and most un-Tea Party-esque... The Ryan Roadmap is quickly becoming the de facto GOP economic platform. And if Palin does decide to run, she immediately starts out with a specific and coherent agenda."
John McCormack at The Weekly Standard Blog:
"Sarah Palin becomes the first potential GOP presidential candidate to endorse Paul Ryan's fiscal 'road map'... When will other 2012 GOP contenders follow her lead?"
Dan McLaughlin at
"I have no idea as of yet who is running in 2012 and who isn’t, let alone who will be the GOP nominee, and other than being committed to finding a candidate who (1) has executive experience and (2) isn’t Romney (not that I’m likely to back Huckabee, either), I haven’t settled on a candidate and haven’t ruled out any of the remaining contenders. But I will predict this now: if Sarah Palin is the nominee, she will pick Paul Ryan as her running mate. Ryan has a few things in common with Palin - he’s relatively young, telegenic, and a workout fanatic - but my guess is that Palin recognizes that the biggest knock on her is that she’s not regarded as a policy-details person, and Ryan of course is precisely that, a sharp communicator with a mastery of the details... My guess is that Palin would look to Ryan as a guy she could see taking the de facto prime minister role of running the legislative and budget agenda, freeing her up to handle the big-picture issues and the Commander-in-Chief role."
Curtis Kalin at Big Journalism:
"In her epic competition with Kathleen Parker over who can be the snarkiest towards Gov. Sarah Palin, Maureen Dowd now claims a scene from TLC’s 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska' is, in fact comparable to Palin hunting down the President of the United States... I guess if anyone out there thinks this over the top comparison is just that, then you clearly don’t understand the 'distinguished commentary' that won Dowd a Pulitzer."
Michelle Malkin:
"Man, I thought those Palin-bashers who didn’t know when the Boston Tea Party occurred took the hate cake. I was wrong. Here’s the errrrrrudite liberal journo Richard Wolffe mocking Sarah Palin for citing famed, beloved Christian author, novelist, lay theologian, and apologist C.S. Lewis as a source of divine inspiration... Incredibly, Wolffe derides the author of 'Mere Christianity,' 'The Abolition of Man,' 'The Screwtape Letters,' and so many other seminal works as merely a writer of 'a series of kids’ books' in order to jab at Palin. Fellow Palin-basher Chris Matthews tried to save Wolffe from himself by counseling him not to 'put down' Lewis. Wolffe ignored him. When I think of Wolffe and his smug media peers in the intellectual establishment, I think of Lewis’s brilliant musings on Men Without Chests."
Katy Steinmetz at TIME's Swampland Blog:
"The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) crew objected to the most recent episode of... Sarah Palin's Alaska... Sassiness points may have been achieved (me-YOW!), but the attack is pretty flimsy."
Aaron Goldstein at The American Spectator's AmSpec Blog:
"I wish Zurawik would take a more fair and balanced approach to Sarah Palin... I am not expecting Zurawik to concur with Palin's philosophy, policies or even her personal conduct. But I do expect a pretense of objectivity... One of Zurawik's chief objections to Sarah Palin's Alaska is her involvement in hunting and commercial fishing. Or as Zurawik puts it, 'Palin bludgeoning fish to death and shooting caribou.' O.K, fine, Zurawik doesn't like hunting or commercial fishing... How does Zurawik think meat and fish come to market? Does he think caribou and halibut walk into the local supermarket and declare they are ready to eat?"
John Hawkins at Right Wing News:
"The complete and utter lack of testosterone here is also pretty notable. Maybe Sorkin doesn't like Palin because she's more of a man than he is? Oh wait, that's unfair. True, but unfair."
"I am not a hunter. I am a young, Ivy-League- educated, world-traveled, career-oriented, racially-mixed, female New Yorker. The Democrats still think I should support them by default. They lost me and my demographic because of bad policies and because of irritating, foul and nasty liberals like Sorkin... I know about Sorkin’s history as I followed his show, and as I read about his continued abuse of cocaine even after his arrest. Sorkin has the rationality and opinion of a hedonistic, debauched man whose top priority is the pleasure of a drug high. He is a helpless, little man enslaved by excess. He is a man trying to be important again, but whose political opinions are pedestrian and are bested by Sarah Palin."
BigFurHat at
"Apparently Sarah knows how to lead a fulfilling life without the need for massive amounts of cocaine..."
Ed Driscoll at Pajamas Media:
"Wikipedia describes Aaron Sorkin, the Hollywood screenwriter who wrote The West Wing and The American President as once being 'a cocaine addict for many years.' But it only took one episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska for his brain to truly melt down... I’ve seen that over and over from 'liberal' friends and acquaintances who enjoy steak, foie gras, etc., but get a similar case of Sorkinesque vapors over the very idea of hunting, or simply being around somebody who does hunt. Which is oddly paradoxical — setting aside all of the left’s boilerplate cries of diversity and lifestyle choices, much of 'progressivism’s' current obsessions center around a sort of reprimitivization of society. And yet, being around someone who has actually engaged in ancient and noble traditions such as hunting and organized religion all her life will cause them to reach for their smelling salts. Or better, blog at the Huffington Post so that we can all savor the schadenfreude of the Ruling Class continuing to be driven absolutely mad by a woman whose fame they helped to create beginning in the fall of 2008."
Darcey at Metis Online:
"Outside of former U.S. President George W. Bush I don't believe I've ever seen a politician take more heat then Sarah Palin."
Rex Murphy at the National Post:
"Sarah Palin shot a caribou on the recent episode of her Discovery Channel travelogue, 'Sarah Palin's Alaska.' Evidently the sight of the downing assaulted the brain and sensibilities of one of Hollywood's princes, Aaron Sorkin -- the man who perpetrated the seven soporific and suffocatingly earnest seasons of 'The West Wing.' May I note that, outside a forced viewing of Oprah wailing to Barbara Walters, modern television has no greater torment than any episode of 'The West Wing.' Keep in mind that I've seen episodes of 'Geraldo At Large,' so I'm setting the bar quite high here."
- JP

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