Friday, December 10, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 169

"Dirty Work" Edition

"What Sorkin is really saying is that allowing others to do your dirty work, like the killing of the animals that he uses in his daily life, is superior [to] doing the dirty work yourself... You see Aaron, when you have others do your dirty work for you, you don't really understand all that goes into getting that meat, chicken, fish, and leather to you. It becomes a product, not a natural commodity that must be harvested. Palin is superior to Sorkin because she understands what it takes to provide all those things. Instead of sitting in a Hollywood palace having those things delivered by servants, and then looking down her nose at those that do the dirty work."
Wayne Leavitt at The Inter-Galactic Memo:
"Sorkin’s diatribes seem both pointless and ill-conceived. I imagine spittle flying from his lips while he so causally uses his gift as character assassination. For example, he refers to the footage of Palin killing the caribou as a 'snuff film.' He’s in the movie business. He should know better."
M. Catharine Evans at NewsReal Blog:
"No one in recent memory has ticked off the so-called liberal Hollywood Left more than the mighty huntress herself... Sorkin is driven to near madness by a woman who dares to be politically incorrect. After all, PC has been the Left’s weapon of choice in shutting down the opposition... For moose-loving Sorkin, maiming and killing humans, as long as they are conservative Republicans and/or in the womb (he’s pro-choice) makes him 'happy,' otherwise he will go all out in a berserk attack defending his kind. Sarah Palin may or may not run for President of the United States but she has performed an 'outstanding deed for her country.' Good hunting, Sarah."
Rodger the Real King of France at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical:
"Oh my. Sarah Palin loses the Liberal girly man vote that she had previously wrapped up."
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"Sorkin’s nothing more than a cultural bigot. He mocks, ridicules, and demeans cultures he doesn’t understand. No different than a bigoted redneck at the Apollo in Harlem. He’s also obviously threatened by Palin’s rugged individualism, toughness, and utter indifference when it comes to wanting Sorkin’s approval or the approval of anyone like him. In other words, she makes him feel inadequate and so words on a HuffPo are his own personal Viagara."
Walter Hudson at NewsReal Blog:
"While hosting a VH1/USO salute to American troops, [Kathy] Griffin saw fit to mock Bristol Palin... This is how you maintain D-list status. Parade in front of an audience that values honor, respect, and decency, then take an unwarranted cheap shot at a public figure’s daughter."
Susannah Fleetwood at Hot Air's Green Room:
"For some odd reason, Sarah Palin causes liberal elites to rabidly foam at the mouth... Furthermore, not only do liberals seem to revel in finding weird reasons to attack Sarah Palin, but they also seem to only be happy when they are attacking her family as well (probably because they see them as little 'spawns of Sarah'). Now, why is this? I haven’t a clue. However, I can state beyond a reasonable doubt that it’s not helping them... Most Americans think that mean people suck and don’t want to vote for a party that seems to embrace nastiness. Hey, you can listen to me, or you can continue smacking around Sarah Palin and her kids. The choice is yours. However, I just have one question for you guys. How did that PDS work out for you in the last election?"
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Bristol Palin’s meteoric rise on the show Dancing with the Stars has led to people filing complaints to the FCC about her appearance on the show! This is not about Bristol. We all know this is a secondary attack on her mother Sarah Palin. Please liberals, get a life."
Doug Powers at Michelle
"Late on election night, as bad news for Democrats continued to dump water on the electric thrill that used to run up Chris Matthews’ leg before it was short-circuited, a nightmarish thought obviously started gnawing at him: President Sarah Palin... Matthews then went on to dispute Palin’s stance on trade, taxes, national security and abortion. Just kidding — all he did was call her stupid, even going as far as questioning whether or not she’s even literate: 'Have you ever been an eyewitness to her actually reading something?' Matthews badgered. Well, yes I have as a matter of fact, and so have you, Chris... I have seen Sarah Palin reading books, too — it’s just that Matthews doesn’t like what she reads"
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Chris Matthews on Tuesday once again claimed former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is not very knowledgable about politics. This deliciously came moments after he wrongly challenged Pat Buchanan about a Winston Churchill quote..."
Jamie Jeffords at Eye of Polyphemus:
"I will grant you Bristol made herself a public figure by competing on DWTS. Public figures become targets for criticism. But there is a deep lack of class evident in these attacks because they are clearly politically motivated... These attacks strike me has just a pure hatred of Sarah Palin’s personal political views... But like I said, the unfairness of these attacks on Bristol is the point--to bully Sarah Palin out of public view by terrorizing her children. It is a nasty business and awfully hypocritical considering how the left has circled the wagons around Chelsea Clinton [over] the years."
Sissy Willis at sisu:
"Unlike Sarah, who married her high school sweetheart and stuck by her man through thick and thin, Elizabeth Edwards married a hottie she met in law school who turned out to be a narcissistic, power-hungry monster."
Moneyrunner at The Virginian:
"To address the issue of the essential un-seriousness of Frum and Galson, you only have to imagine that two people who most of the nation has never heard of and whose pronouncements don’t particularly resonate are about to start a mass movement. Neither Frum or Galson resemble Abraham Lincoln who led the most important political realignment, nor FDR who led the last great American mass movement. They are simply editorial writers whose adherents number in the hundreds... America is undergoing an upheaval engendered by an economic crisis that is making many people gloomy about their future and that of their children. This situation may lead to a new leader. Obama promised to be just such a leader, described my some as literally a Messiah. But he has disappointed his followers while energizing his opponents. Another charismatic leader – Sarah Palin – has emerged, almost by accident. Loved by her supporters, loathed by her enemies, there is no one else currently on the national stage - other than Obama - who has shown the ability to lead a mass movement. Meanwhile out in the street, in flyover country, that mass movement is coalescing around the banner of the Tea Party which is not a party and has no national leader. Frum and Galson are irrelevant."
Billy Hallowell at Mediaite:
"Most recently, Joe Scarborough delved into the Palin debate, with his half-witted Politico column proving to be little more than a mirror reflection of the left’s consistently unfair and imbalanced anti-Palin commentary."
Sam Norton at Gandalf's Hope:
"Palin is manifestly a gifted politician but much more importantly she is a good politician, a woman of substance and virtue... In many ways Palin is the antithesis of Obama. Where she is unambiguously a product of the US mainstream, saturated in patriotic, even chauvinist values, Obama is multi-cultural and multi-ethnic man who seems to have little visceral attachment to the US at all. Where Palin is someone who has risen on the basis of her own drive and abilities, often at odds with party establishments, Obama is a creature of the political machine. Where Palin was hugely influenced by her father, Obama's life has been marked by a search for a father figure. Where Palin is an outsider and reformer, Obama is an insider and elitist... She is not a person who will solve all the problems that the West faces – who could? - but I do believe that she would make an extremely able and effective President of the United States."
- JP

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