Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 167

"Fresh Air" Edition

Raymond C. Germeroth to the Richmond Times Dispatch:
"You said Palin betrayed the voters of Alaska when she resigned as governor. The truth is that she turned her job over to her elected, and very capable, conservative lieutenant governor, and she has brought millions of dollars of free and very positive publicity to Alaska since she left office. So where is the betrayal? Palin is the most abused, slandered and maligned politician in America... yet, with all the lies and vicious attacks against her, she continues to bounce back smelling like a rose and more popular than ever with the common people -- and more hated and feared by the radical left... I pray she will be elected president in 2012. Compared to who we have in there now, she would be more than a breath of fresh air. She would be the life-saving air that would resuscitate our dying nation."
Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling:
"Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are the top choices of GOP voters in [Montana] to be the Presidential nominee in 2012, earning support levels of 23% and 22% respectively. Among the other front runners Newt Gingrich is at 16% and Mitt Romney 12%."
myiq2xu at The Confluence:
"Ever since the day that John McCain announced that he had selected Sarah Palin as his running mate there has been a lot of effort directed at destroying her personally and politically. That effort has not only failed but backfired. She has grown stronger politically and manged to get rich too. The harder her enemies try to destroy her, the stronger she gets. I’m a liberal Democrat but I don’t feel any particular obligation to say bad things about Sarah Palin. I disagree with the notion that if you can’t say something bad about her then don’t say nothing at all. I’m not going to hate her just because I disagree with her. Her life story is an inspiring American success story. She didn’t come from a wealthy background, she didn’t go to Ivy League schools and she didn’t get where she is by sucking up to the rich and powerful. While Barack Obama was ingratiating himself with the Daley Machine Sarah Palin was taking on the 'good old boy' network and making her bones as a reformer."
Herb at SlapBlog:
"Associated Press Admits Sarah Palin Was Right About Obamacare Death Panels"
Fire Andrea Mitchell:
"Now the CNN drones are stalking Sarah Palin at her book signings... What’s next? Is CNN and Jim Acosta going to follow Sarah Palin into the bathroom the next time she goes to try and conduct an unauthorized interview? The media is beyond pathetic. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were just concerned about Obama? Asking him questions like why is the unemployment rate at 9.8% two years after the porkulus bill when he wasn’t supposed to go above 8%? "
Karin Tanabe at Politico Click:
"The power of the Palins... According to BabyCenter, a global interactive parenting network, the names Bristol, Willow and Piper... saw a big surge in popularity in 2010."
Jon Voight via ADN:
"I sure would vote for [Sarah Palin] if she was running for president... Some people have said that they were upset with her for leaving the governorship when she did. I disagree with those people. I think she saved Alaska with that move... She had to answer all of these nonsense lawsuits and everybody who's gone through one lawsuit knows the stress that puts on you. The time that it puts on you. The money it draws from you. She was being destroyed in her governance of the state and in her personal well being. What she did was she took the target and moved it. She took it away from Alaska... She did a great service there. And smart as hell."
Jerry Fuhrman at From On High:
"Suppose anyone listened with more than a teeny bit of skepticism when a liberal journalist announced on a liberal cable channel that a liberal abortion group had conducted a poll and found Sarah Palin to be lacking public support?"
Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker:
"I love the cojones of this woman. Palin is a proud, bold, and confident advocate for conservatism. She is a character- and principle-driven self-thinker. Palin refuses to be lectured regarding what is acceptable behavior for a woman and/or presidential candidate. I love Palin's 'in your face' attitude in expressing We The People's disagreement with Obama's plan to 'fundamentally transform America.' It seems like only our conservative women have a 'fire in the belly' to stand up for America. Here's a 'Lloyd Hat' to Sarah Palin and all of my feisty conservative sisters."
Ginger at
"By keeping the continual attention and hatred focused on Palin, the left may just be driving people, including their own base, right into her welcoming arms."
John S Hutchinson at Good Sense Politics:
"I want to thank each and every Liberal, Socialist, Communist, Democrat, free thinker, hooligan and mindless reporter on the left for their substantial contribution to making Sarah Palin the smash hit that she is within the political spectrum. I thank you all! You may have very well weaved the rope of your very destruction... They hate and fear Sarah Palin for the very same reasons her supporters and admirers value and admire Sarah. Both sides know Sarah can turn the American ship around and steer it in the right direction in 2012... If only we can carry this hate from the Left over into the 2012 election we may very well see the first, Female, American President!"
Flopping Aces:
"Yes our Socialists hate the challenge that Sarah offers to their destruction of feminine and family values; Socialism is much easier to implement upon a society without values or morals."
Dave Weinbaum at The Rolla Daily News:
"Sarah Palin... a lot like Reagan, only female and bludgeoned by both sides because of it, brings out the loons on the left like no other. She’s the only Vice Presidential candidate to be attacked after she lost. Her exposure on Fox, two bestsellers, social networking, her daughter Bristol reaching the finals of DWTS and Sarah’s TLC TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska have kept her newsworthy. I’m 95% sure she’s running for president. Unless Obama moves well to the right, I don’t see her or any of the other Republican losing to him. His time has come and gone."
Rick Santorum via The Hill's Ballot Box blog:
"If she decides to get into the race, she will take a lot of air out of the room, that's for sure."
Mark Whittington at Associated Content:
"Palin's hunting skills have joined the fact that she hunts as the latest scandal being ginned up on the blogosphere. The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan, who has held the deranged notion that Sarah Palin's Downs syndrome son Trig is in fact the offspring of her daughter Bristol, printed an anonymous note from someone claiming to be an Alaskan hunter suggesting that Sarah Palin is a 'poseur.' On the other hand, James Rainey, writing for the LA Times, consulted his own hunting expert and has concluded that the sight of Palin's first rifle was off, causing her to miss multiple times before using another rifle to take down the caribou."
- JP

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