Monday, December 6, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 166

"You Gotta Serve Somebody " Edition

Patrick Archbold at the National Catholic Register:
"Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend wrote an op-ed the other day criticizing Sarah Palin (who else?) for saying that JFK got it wrong when he made his religion subordinate to his politics... What the Kennedys and the Cuomos do not get is that no matter what, your faith informs your actions. All JFK and Mario (and Kerry, Pelosi, et al) confirmed is that they don’t really believe it or they don’t care.
Which is worse? A politician who gives lip service to faith but doesn’t really believe it or [a] politician who really believes it but lets babies die anyway? ... Point is, faith informs politics always and absolutely. So does lack of faith... One cannot serve two masters... Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend’s faith informs her politics every bit as much as Sarah Palin’s faith informs her politics. The difference is that they know Sarah actually believes it."
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"As is often the case with Palin haters, Townsend uses extrapolation and exaggeration to create a strawman argument... Townsend is doing what Obama does so well, knocking down arguments which have not been made."
Merv Benson at PrairiePundit:
"Sometimes the things that people like me like about Palin get lost in all the noise of defending her against bogus allegations and insults. First, I like her energy policy. She has articulated an all of the above approach that includes lifting the strangulation on domestic production of oil and gas. Her foreign policy supports our efforts to defeat a wicked enemy. On the economy and taxes she is consistent with what most conservatives and most Americans think is the correct policy... She has shown a resilience that has confounded her critics on the left and will survive her critics on the right. Those who want to oppose her need to stop the insults and start dealing with policy issues. I think they will have a tougher time on that score, but that is what the campaign should be about."
Martha Zoller at Human Events:
"When was the last time anyone remembers the running mate of a losing presidential candidate? Sarah Palin has a future."
Marie Vitale at
"I don’t recall ever reading a book written by a former officeholder that included so many pro-life references... Throughout the book, Palin makes it clear that the fight for women’s rights should not be incompatible with a woman’s role on the home front, but that some misguided groups have tried to make it that way... Palin also suggests that the pro-life stand is empowering to women, while the pro-abortion view reduces them to victims... You may or may not believe that Sarah Palin is her party’s best hope for 2012... But she is reaching millions with the pro-life message—a message conceived in both the head and the heart."
Ron Devito at US 4 Palin:
"America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag is a blueprint for Commonsense Constitutional Conservatism."
Moe Lane:
"Charlie [Cook]’s been beating the 'Sarah Palin can’t win' drum for a while, presumably because of her poor polling among independents. And he might be right, and he might be wrong. Certainly she’d lose the election today, for precisely that reason. And just as certainly, the election is not today. But what should be noted here is that if we still have our current unemployment rate in 2012 (or, God forbid, we’ve lost the war) then the President is going to go down in flames regardless of who the Republican nominee is. Particularly if the Republican nominee can campaign with a happy smile and easy demeanor, which has been notably lacking in this administration thus far. Those qualities in a politician go far in hard times. Just ask Jimmy Carter. Or George HW Bush."
Chuck Laudner, Iowa GOP strategist, via the DesMoines Register:
"If you pick Spirit Lake, you’re either running for president, or you want people to think you are running for president."
David Bozeman at The Land of the Free:
"The Palins live under unique circumstances, but as to the qualities that count, they are not unique. Self-reliance, competition, faith and family are the instinctive, unspoken values of millions of Americans, and that is what drives her enemies to sputtering rage... They don’t merely represent the rugged, outdoorsy American spirit — they ARE that spirit. Sarah Palin forever belongs to political legend... On second thought, a Palin presidency may well be in order. Count her out to your own peril!"
Adam at GABlog:
"Sarah Palin seems to know what the Left is, and none of her potential contenders seems to have a clue."
P.A. Dennis at Diogenes' Blog:
"Regardless if Sarah Palin runs, wins or loses, she has shown more patriotism than any of her male co-horts! I strongly believe she is responsible for the outcome of the November elections. Now that the Republicans have some power, they want her to go away. To say she lacks intelligence, judgment, education, dignity and what it takes to be president is absurd. A prestigious college did not make the president we have now any smarter or give him better judgment. Just look where we are today."
Ginger at
"It seems Sarah Palin has created one magnificent bonfire from all the fuel the left has lobbed her way. Not exactly the sign of a dope."
E. Thomas McClanahan at the Kansas City Star:
"Sarah Palin... trapped our friends on the left in a no-win debate on American exceptionalism... Palin’s emphasis on this theme has prompted some commentators to assert their lefty bona fides with amusing articles exhorting readers to get with it: We’re really just another run-of-the-mill country... The genius of Palin’s strategy is that it also hints at the ambivalence many Democrats feel toward the use of military force... Now we have a president who not only makes people wonder if he’s ill at ease with one of the nation’s basic ideas, but makes noises as if he sincerely believes in the fairy tale of nuclear disarmament — and hires people who describe wars as 'overseas contingency operations' or invent clanking euphemisms for terrorism like 'man-caused disasters.' Palin is plowing some very fertile political ground."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"If Charles M. Blow Never Wrote Another Word About Sarah Palin... it would be nearly as good as if he never wrote another word, period..."
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
"It’s like watching the Little Engine That Could, the way Charles Blow slowly comes to the realization that all the negativity that progressives have been heaping upon Sarah Palin is actually – GASP – helping her. Why? Because they came on too strong and too wrong. They attacked her pregnancy, her baby, her children, thereby repulsing mothers who went off to join the tea party, such was their disgust at the sexist double-standard. They printed thousands of words on her every word, followed her on her book tour, stalked her speaking appearances, her teenage daughter’s Facebook page, all the while bearing the audacity to say that she runs the risk of 'overexposure.' Blow is blinded by hubris in that he believes he and other progressive media are what is keeping Palin alive in politics and pop-culture. If ever you needed another reminder as to how far the finger of mainstream media is from the pulse of the people, this is it."
- JP

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