Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 164

"Driving the Discourse" Edition

Darrell Delamaide at Political Capital:
"Sarah Palin continues to dominate the political agenda. The former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate is driving our national discourse in the “lamestream” media, the blogosphere, social networks and, above all, in the Republican Party. Palin comes out with a new, instantly bestselling book celebrating American exceptionalism, and every Republican who hopes for a future in national politics is talking about nothing but exceptionalism... Palin is in fact using Obama’s playbook against him. She is, as her supporters often noted in the 2008 campaign, no less qualified to be president than he is..."
Luigi Zingales via The Sun-Times:
"I'm impressed that she knows me because I'm not sort of a national figure... Not only that she knows my name but she seems to have gotten my ideas right..."
Mark Hemingway in The Washington Examiner:
"Remember how Sarah Palin called the Bush family 'blue bloods' after they tacitly endorsed Romney? Well... Meghan McCain, posessor of an Ivy-League degree, had to Google this extremely common phrase? And then she uses this as an excuse to knock Sarah Palin for being against education or something? Someone please tell me why it is that Meghan McCain is a noteworthy pundit? I think it has something to do with her own blue blood pedigree, because it sure doesn't have anything to do with her general level of self-awareness."
Tom Cohen at CNN:
"Sarah Palin has yet to formally declare she will run for president, but the book released Tuesday titled America By Heart... is a blueprint for the conservative battle plan against President Barack Obama's re-election in 2012."
Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator:
"This mother of five with a successful marriage, the woman who, without benefit of a famous name or marriage, has been elected successively to positions as city council member, mayor, president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors, served as the appointed (by the then-governor) chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission before being elected governor herself -- this before becoming only the second woman to be tapped for a major party vice-presidential nomination, a successful author and bona fide TV star like Reagan -- this is the woman who is now presented by everybody from GOP Establishment types to liberal enemies as just a vacant Barbie-style version of other men who were too dumb to be president. Goldwater? Romney? Ford? Reagan? Kemp? Bush 43? Bush 41? Like them all, Sarah Palin is just too dumb to be president... It is, yes, a pattern of modern media treatment with prominent Republicans that is discernible as far back as Dwight Eisenhower. But in fact what some call Palin Derangement Syndrome is merely the modern face of elitist arrogance that has been present since the evolution of America itself as just one more colonial outpost of the British Empire."
Jimmy Carter on C-SPAN's "Book TV":
"She's one of the most dynamic and attractive speakers we've ever seen. She knows how to appeal to a crowd, she's extremely eloquent... She's going to be a formidable candidate..."
"There is an obsession on the Left with those on the Right who have made mistakes and decided to reform themselves, and in this case it’s Bristol Palin... She’s made it her mission in life to use her platform to encourage young women to abstain from sex before marriage because she doesn’t want them to experience the same kind of hurt and pain she’s experienced. And I ask Keith Olbermann, what is so wrong with that? So when I hear Olbermann or those of his ilk diminishing people like Bristol Palin, trying to destroy someone who has done nothing but share their experiences with others, it just reminds me of how hateful and intolerant those are on the ideological Left."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"The problem here is that people actually were sympathetic and rooting for Bristol Palin, while Margaret Cho was kicked off after two weeks on the show. Even America couldn’t stand the unfunny clown... The shackles are coming off and the left can’t stand it."
Jim Morekis at Connect Savannah:
"One of the more ridiculous examples of 'common wisdom' echoed by the pundits these days is the idea that Sarah Palin can never be president. I’m certainly not a particular fan of hers, but to think she cannot be elected is to be in complete denial both of politics and of the state of the nation today... If unemployment continues at very high levels, and if President Obama continues his tepid, feckless ways — so bizarre considering the lofty rhetoric of civic engagement that got him into office — Palin doesn’t have to be wildly popular to beat him. She just has to be a viable alternative for a plurality of voters... She is street–smart. And in politics, the streetfighters always win in the end."
Husna Haq at the Christian Science Monitor:
"Whatever Palin’s plans, you can be sure Mr. Obama’s campaign team is reading up for clues... One guess what’s on David Axelrod’s nightstand."
Gary P. Jackson at A Time For Choosing:
"The latest Public Policy Polling survey shows Sarah Palin leads all potential candidates for the 2012 nomination for President. The numbers look like this: Sarah Palin 21%, Newt Gingrich 19%, Mitt Romney 18%, Mike Huckabee 16%, Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty are tied at 5% each, John Thune 3%, Daniels 2%. Sarah also leads the “second choice” picks as well, with 20%. This is well ahead of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney who clock in at 13% each. The rest of the field is in the single digits. Sarah also leads in favorability among GOP voters and is only bested by Mike Huckabee in low unfavorables."
The Associated Press:
"Sarah Palin gave at least $507,000 to candidates and political causes in 2010 as she earned a reputation as kingmaker and raised her profile ahead of a possible presidential run."
Psota at Free Will:
"When John McCain first nominated Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate... CNBC ran an endless loop of an interview that Palin did with Maria Bartiromo on the topic of energy. Have you ever seen it? I'll bet not, and if you see it, you'll know why. Palin is very impressive, speaking passionately and knowledgeably on energy policy that would impress anyone not on the left side of American politics. Some of her verbal tics are present, of course - I remember chuckling at the time over her repeated use of the phrase 'America's hungry markets' - but she goes toe to toe with the Queen of Wall Street, laying out the case for a free market, domestically based solution to America's energy problems - throwing in some criticism of the Bush Administration along the way."
Cindy at Books and Chocolate:
"In this inspiring follow-up to her best selling memoir, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin writes more about the values the United States was founded upon. Inspired by the people she has met and talked to since her first book was published, Palin shares their stories, their faith, and their dreams that reflect her own."
Michael Falcone and Amy Walter at ABC News' The Note:
"Yahoo! today released it’s 2010 Year in Review, a 'look back that identifies the top trends of the year from billions of consumer searches, and the top stories and topics of the year' on Yahoo’s network. ABC’s Rick Klein notes that seven of the 10 most-searched politicians were women: 1. Barack Obama, 2. Sarah Palin, 3. Christine O'Donnell, 4. Hillary Clinton, 5. Nikki Haley, 6. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7. Meg Whitman, 8. Nancy Pelosi, 9. Linda McMahon, 10. Scott Brown."
- JP

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