Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 163

"She's So High" Edition

Ken Berwitz at Hopelessly Partisan:
"After three days of being skewered for saying 'Obviously we've got to stand with our North (rather than South) Korean allies', Sarah Palin is striking back... If revenge is sweet, Sarah Palin has given us a major sugar-high. Now let's see if the media give Ms. Palin's 'Obama-gaffe-paragraph' even a small fraction of the coverage her 'North Korea allies' misstatement got. Wanna take bets?"
"She’s getting too good at this, yet they still haven’t learned so she keeps making them look stupid..."
Ralph Buttigieg at The Western Lines:
"I can't get enough of Sarah. Yesterday leftest nincompoops made a big thing of Palin's minor slip of the tongue. Anyone who bothered to listen to the interview would know she meant South Korea, and she corrected herself a few seconds latter. Today she delivered the knock out punch..."
Daisy at Chicks on the Right:
"Sarah – You just scored some major points with me..."
Sherman Frederick at the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
"The Sarah Palin haters were in full view when she recently jumbled North Korea and South Korea during an interview. Nevermind that she seconds before got it right.... Well, Palin got her revenge on a Facebook reply... It's a brutal retort to those haters who forgive Barack Obama his many, many misstatements, but not Palin. Further proof, BTW, that conservative women do not get a fair shake from this country's media elite."
philmon at The Clue Batting Cage:
"This is why we love Sarah Palin... Not only is she not afraid to respond to her opponents' constant heckling, she knows how to do it and force them to rub their own noses in it."
David Jeffers at American Thinker Blog:
"Note to Sarah Palin: if you are seriously considering a run for the White House, you must be perfect... If you should misspeak on Glenn Beck's radio program by saying we need to stand with our North Korean allies, even though 8 seconds prior you had identified North Korea as the aggressor, well not only should you be belittled by your own countrymen, but also world leaders. And so... Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) has clearly become a global malady."
Jim Treacher at The DC Trawler:
"Some on the left can’t control their seething hatred of Palin, and she keeps turning it right around on them... Let’s hope our moral, ethical, and intellectual superiors never learn."
Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"Liberal men suffer the worst Madonna-Whore complexes of all. They cannot handle mom and sexy in one package–mostly because that woman would never be interested in them, therefore, they reject what they cannot obtain. As betas they’re stuck with the mousy and miserable women. You know, the women at the Code Pink march or the Amen Pew at church. Either way, they don’t think of obtainable women as sexy. Sexy equals scary... Women should not have to be some stripped down, butched up, neutered individual or a Stepford wife so that she may please those uncomfortable in their own skin. Get over it already so we can start judging the Sarah Palins by the content of their character and the quality of their ideas. In a more reasonable world, Sarah Palin wouldn’t be causing this fuss... But she’s breaking barriers. It’s time to let them fall and engage women in a real way."
Phil Jennerjahn at The Jennerjahn Report:
"You couldn't get 5 million people to watch a show about Mitt Romney if you paid them."
John Lott at
"The media started attacking Palin as soon as she was nominated by John McCain to be vice president and they have continued ever since... Thus, in major news outlets, 194 news stories over the last month from Oct. 28 to Nov. 27 talked about Sarah Palin in the same paragraph that they used the words 'extreme,' 'dishonest,' 'unpresidential,' 'stupid,' 'incompetent,' 'gaffe,' or 'dumb.' Fox News recently identified eleven other contenders -- in addition to Palin -- who will likely vie for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Those 11 candidates, combined, garnered 27 percent more news coverage than Palin, but had 144 fewer negative stories written about them."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Ironically, the very people working tirelessly on Palin's second assassination could be kicking her right into the White House. Now THAT would be entertainment."
Carol Platt Liebau at's Tipsheet:
"I have not always been an unalloyed fan of Sarah Palin's. But one needn't be in order to find Joe Scarborough's new column -- calling on the GOP to 'man up' and confront Palin -- to be both self-serving and, frankly, silly. Look, we all know that Scarborough makes his professional home at MSNBC, and that he spends most of his time talking to the Beltway insiders who wear their contempt for Palin proudly as a badge of their intelligence and sophistication. But come on. The piece makes no sense... And if he is truly serious about averting a Palin run -- rather than simply scoring points among his media buddies and the left -- surely he knows he's going about it in the worst way possible. Such open calls for her retreat make it ever less likely that Sarah Palin will ultimately step aside. Do I agree with everything Sarah Palin says or does? Not by a long shot. But running is her right -- whether Joe Scarborough or anyone else likes it or not."
Julia at The DC Morning:
"Former Republican congressman and morning talkshow host Joe Scarborough lit into Palin in the pages of Politico this morning... Say what you want about Palin, but she does have a more substantial resume than Joe does."
Jennifer at Riehl World View:
"For the past two days, MSNBC has become the headquarters for some of the most outrageous attacks on Sarah Palin and her family. I can't quite understand why Joe Scarborough found it clever to attack Palin for stating the truth about the state of the GOP and Reagan's career in acting... Spare us from Joe Scarborough... He has done nothing to bring forth the rise of the conservative movement. Palin has done more than he could ever do."
- JP

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