Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If Neil Cavuto were a woman; the fat man defense of Gov Christie

- by VotingFemale

Neil Cavuto is a fat man. Governor Chris Christie is a fat man. Some people are fat.

Political opponents of Conservative male politicians can and do launch personal attacks using the Fat Card… or the Age Card …or the White Man Card ...or the Oreo Card and/or any combination of cards, but they never seem to use the "Nuts & Sluts" Card on their male opponents the way they do on Conservative Women.

I watched the following video of FOX News Neil Cavuto rightfully tearing into MSNBC Chris Matthews following Matthews’ Fat Card attack on Governor Chris Christie and wondered to myself… has Cavuto ever really defended Sarah Palin even once? and if so, with such outspoken conviction and energy?

My curiosity piqued, I did a Google search…
…on the following search string: Cavuto Defends Palin

Gee… why don’t I find anything of relevance there? In fact the search turned up an attack on Palin by Cavuto in 2008.

By not actively defending Gov Palin as Cavuto defends Gov Christie, Cavuto tacitly reveals his gender bias for men politicians, especially fat ones, and bias against women politicians (especially beautiful, trim and fit ones?).

Anti-women Genderphobes come in all shades of bias gender charlatanry and knows no single political party or ideology. Political media pundits can smile at a conservative woman politician all the while struggling to resist temptation of rolling their Genderphobic eyes then looking at their manly wrist watches in anticipation of interviewing a quote real politician unquote from any party.

Thank goodness there are many men and women who support and respect conservative women politicians but remember, standing silently by and letting anti-women genderphobia pass unchallenged is doing the cause of Conservatism a terrible disservice in so many ways.


Voting Female, Texas born and raised, blogs from New England

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