Monday, December 6, 2010

Blow-viation: Stop Writing About Palin Because She Likes It Too Much

The media doesn’t understand: they’re irrelevant. No one cares.
At Big Journalism, Dana Loesch comments on the latest Blow-viating by liberal NY Times columnist Charles Blow:
It’s like watching the Little Engine That Could, the way Charles Blow slowly comes to the realization that all the negativity that progressives have been heaping upon Sarah Palin is actually – GASP – helping her.


Because they came on too strong and too wrong. They attacked her pregnancy, her baby, her children, thereby repulsing mothers who went off to join the tea party, such was their disgust at the sexist double-standard. They printed thousands of words on her every word, followed her on her book tour, stalked her speaking appearances, her teenage daughter’s Facebook page, all the while bearing the audacity to say that she runs the risk of “overexposure.”

Blow is blinded by hubris in that he believes he and other progressive media are what is keeping Palin alive in politics and pop-culture. If ever you needed another reminder as to how far the finger of mainstream media is from the pulse of the people, this is it.
"She was a vice presidential nominee. But she lost. She was the governor of Alaska. But she quit. Now she’s just a political personality — part cheerleader, part bomb-thrower — being kept afloat in part by the hackles of her enemies and the people who admire her resilience in the face of them."
(Don’t forget: Obama also quit the senate to campaign. Bad for Palin, fine for Obama.)

Palin may be a polarizing figure, but she’s more than just a “political personality.” Every other media outlet in existence has to choke out the acknowledgement that Palin is a kingmaker: she has a winning record in endorsements, besting the likes of Karl Rove&Co., and came out on top November 2nd. She’s able to raise funds for candidates like few can, and... no one on the left can match her starpower and few on the right are able.

- JP

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  1. 0bama didn't actually quit the senate, he just launched his campaign, and continued to draw his paycheck for no actual work. Sure, he'd make a guest appearance from time to time, but that was not exactly what the people of IL had elected him to do, and those few appearances were hardly worth what he was getting paid for.