Monday, December 6, 2010

As expected, leftists go berzerk over SPA hunting episode

"Much wailing and gnashing of teeth"
Most everyone on the conservative side just knew what the reaction would be among the critter cuddling watermelons (green on the outside; pinko on the inside) after the hunting episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" aired Sunday night on TLC. "Hyperventilating Lefty Alert Moved to DEFCON 1: Sarah Palin Shoots a Caribou" predicted Weasel Zippers.

And like Pavlov's dog, the response has been just as hysterical as expected. The headlines from the moonbatosphere measure just how far off-planet the loons managed to launch themselves into orbit:

"Sarah Palin Starting a War Against PETA" reads the head on one gossip site. Guess they forgot that it was PETA that started the war against Gov. Palin over a predator control program that was in place in Alaska long before she was elected in 2006.

"Sarah Palin kills an animal for sh*ts and giggles" proclaims another another ignoramus, even though anyone who actual watched the episode knew that she bagged the caribou for food. But when have the PDS-infected ever let pesky things like facts get in the way of a good meltdown?

"Sarah Palin Kills a Frolicking Caribou on the Arctic Tundra" was the title of a post on NY Magazine's Daily Intel blog. Frolicking? We saw it walking around some and just standing there for a few seconds, but we didn't see it frolicking, and we watched the entire episode twice. "Frolicking" caribou must be in the eyes of the imaginative left, which have obviously been focused on the Cartoon Channel too often.

Finally, we knew we could count on the guttersnipes at Gawker to put their slimy sort of spin on the show, and they didn't disappoint with the title "Sarah Palin Murders a Caribou." Don't anyone tell these commie clowns that most dictionaries define "murder" as "to kill a human being unlawfully and with premeditated malice." Last we checked, four-legged critters aren't human beings. Oh well, must be the Cartoon Channel at work again...

On the less neurotic side of the 'sphere, conservatives have been enjoying the the moonbat meltdown:

"Anytime someone makes the loons at PETA angry, then that person is alright by me," blogged talk show host Steve Gill, who quoted PETA's VP:
“Sarah seems to think that resorting to violence and blood and guts may lure people into watching her boring show, but the ratings remain as dead as the poor animals she shoots.”
If 3.8 million viewers -- which was the program's average audience for the first three episodes -- are "dead ratings" then his organization's 750,000 total members and supporters must be so dead that they never even existed. Not in the reality most Americans live in, anyway.

And from Jamie Jeffords at Eye of Polyphemus:
We should hear much wailing and gnashing [of] teeth from the likes of PETA, Keith Olbermann, and perhaps even George F. Will, who seems to have forgotten what a rugged sportsman Teddy Roosevelt was.

Palin’s message on hunting is well worth reiterating, for it reflects Biblical stewardship and conservative philosophy. Alaska is one of a number of places in the United states where hunting is a necessity to control the animal population. But it is also a place where grocery stores are not necessarily convenient, so people have to hunt to survive.
But wait a sec... Wasn't Teddy R a progressive? Curious how the PETA-ful leftists never seem to bring that particular hunter/conservationist up in their ridiculous rantings...

- JP

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