Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tonight in NYC: TLC's SPAlaska Promotion Party

TLC kicks off its publicity campaign for "Sarah Palin's Alaska" tonight in the Big Apple: will take over the event space at the Samsung Interactive Experience in the Time Warner Building on Thursday, where curators and editors of the website will preview video clips, explain what they're doing, talk about Sarah and Alaska, and generally "try to support and elevate the discussion around the show beyond where it would be if left to happen on its own."


Where does the promotion for the show end and promotion for Palin begin? It's hard to say. The first blog entry is entitled: "I can see Alaska from my living room," a play off one of Palin's early 2008 campaign musings about her foreign policy experience. Transitioning from a television host to a presidential candidate in the age of Reality Politics may be easier than it appears. Palin will have a captive audience, a chance to remake her identity, associations with pastoral objects and scenery -- and the assistance of a cable network that knows that the more attention it brings to Palin, the more money it makes.
Tonight's event gets underway at 6:30PM New York, New York time. Gov. Palin will be seen on the big screen, and among the party favors, "I Can See Sarah Palin's Alaska From My Living Room" t-shirts and laptop stickers will be handed out. The 8-part series premieres Sunday, Nov. 14.

- JP

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