Monday, November 1, 2010

Steele says he would be happy with Gov. Palin as GOP nominee in 2012

RNC Chairman Michael Steele defended his party's 2008 vice presidential candidate against recent attacks, telling CNN this morning that Sarah Palin's critics in the GOP establishment need to "shut up":
"These Republican leaders who don't put their names in print but make comments in shadows need to shut up," Steele told American Morning's John Roberts Monday. "We're focused on winning elections tomorrow night. We're not focused on 2012."

Steele's comments were in reference to a Politico article out Monday in which a string of unnamed Republicans, feeling Palin could not be a viable presidential contender, said it will be the party's goal to prevent her from running in 2012.

Other establishment Republicans have also gone on the record to criticize the former Alaska governor – most recently Karl Rove, who last week said Palin lacks the gravitas to sit in the oval office.
But Steele disagreed, saying he would be pleased with Gov. Palin as the party's presidential nominee in 2012:
"If she goes through the process and the Republican primary voters vote for her, absolutely I would be happy," said Steele. "Why wouldn't I be?"
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