Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quote of the Day (November 14, 2010)

Mark Noonan at Blogs For Victory:
"Reagan manfully tried to break the link between the GOP and Wall Street, but was stymied by the way Wall Street manages to get its hooks in to everyone... Now, in 2010 and heading towards 2012, the people are in no mood for anyone who is too connected with the financial nitwits who led us off the cliff. Sarah Palin – who is smarter than anyone else in politics, just as Reagan was in his day – sees this, understands this, and knows that both in purely political as well as economic terms, it is time to break the banks as well as the bureaucrats. To battle, that is, with Big Government and Big Corporation in favor of the people – and the small and mid-sized business which are the back bone of America. America’s economy is stifled under taxes and regulations which work out to protection and subsidy for those already on top, who keep the bribes flowing to the political class to keep things as they are. In order to get a real, expanding American economy, these fetters must be broken. And so, to battle – a battle which, so far in the GOP 2012 ranks, only Sarah Palin is engaged... And if she goes in to 2012 as the only candidate understanding this, then she will win it all."
- JP

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