Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sarah Palin to NBC's Todd: Chucky, I'm not on the ballot

NewsBuster Geoffrey Dickens catches NBC media hacks trying to set up Gov. Palin by making the election all about her, rather than about the liberal Democrats and their failed leftist agenda:
On Tuesday's Today show, a couple of correspondents laid down the potential story line of a big defeat for Sarah Palin if the Republican Tea Party candidate she endorsed, Joe Miller, doesn't win his bid for the Senate seat in Alaska as NBC's Chuck Todd proclaimed: "Sarah Palin's political future is a little bit on the line" and added "this would be a big embarrassment," while NBC's Kristen Welker declared: "the race is also a referendum on Sarah Palin." Welker also featured a sound bite from a political analyst noting a Miller defeat would mean a "black eye" for the former Alaska Governor. Of course the question has to be asked, if Miller defeats write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, will Todd and Welker go the other way and admit it was a huge win for Palin and the Tea Party?
Of course there's no way the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate was going to let them get away with it scot free, as this tweet demonstrates:
"Silly fellas! Chucky, remember, I'm not on ballot; RT @newsbusters: Today Show Tries to Set Up Sarah Palin for Big Fail http://bit.ly/dwT5sy"
- JP

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