Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 145

"Hypocritico Rove" Edition

Jennifer at Cubachi:
"My how the beltway are so hypocritical. Rove demeans Sarah Palin for having a show that promotes Alaska, yet he gave accolades to Jon Stewart for his interview with President Obama. What the heck is this about? Rove seems to hate that Sarah Palin, the out of the beltway type, is so popular, yet his liberal elite republicans are thrown out of office by conservatives. I watched last night Sarah Palin being interviewed by Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight (Rove must have had a conniption over this) where Palin discussed why she was willing to do such a program. Although Rove likes to think of it as a 'reality show,' Palin explained that it was a showcase of the grandeur that is Alaska. What is so wrong about promoting a state and encouraging tourism? Rove must be worried that a new audience will actually see the Sarah Palin all of us know and admire, and not the Palin the elite in the liberal and republican beltway portrayed her to be."
Peter Andrew at Conservative American:
"What’s scary to [Chris] Matthews is good for America!"
Mark Whittington at Associated Content:
"The idea that trying to change a comely, affable hockey mom from Wassila, Alaska, into the boogie woman is the only thing the Democrats have to save them from disaster is pretty pathetic. However, that will not stop them from using the fear and loathing of Sarah Palin among the left as a motivational whip. The conventional wisdom is that once the Democrats have their heads handed to them, Palin becomes the frontrunner for the 2012 GOP nomination."
Judson Phillips via email to Sushanna Walshe:
"Karl Rove–bless his heart–has been wrong all summer long when it comes to having any idea of what conservative Americans want. The difference is that Rove is a D.C. analyst, and Sarah Palin is a leader."
The Editors of Investors Business Daily:
"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin... knows a little about how disparagingly liberal media can treat conservative candidates...She knows how they look down on conservatives as some lower life-form the way ABC's Charles Gibson looked at Palin during an interview like some professor quizzing a grad student. Palin experienced it personally during and after her vice presidential run. She knows how low in the gutter some media outlets will go. The New York Times Web page had no fewer than three stories on Bristol Palin. Slate, owned by the Washington Post, ran a 'Name Bristol Palin's Baby' contest. Us Weekly had 'Babies, Lies, and Scandal' and a picture of Palin on its cover, and the media openly speculated on whether Trig was really her child and not Bristol's. There may have been a bit of personal grievance when she called the Alaskan media 'corrupt bastards' on 'Fox News Sunday.' Bristol's [now ex-]boyfriend was more thoroughly investigated than Barack Obama's lifelong association with terrorist William Ayers."
John Coale quoted by Chris Cillizza:
"Have you seen the attacks on this woman and her family in the last two years?"
Ann Althouse:
"Is there any evidence, anywhere, that Sarah Palin would like to criminalize the teaching of evolution? Is there any evidence, anywhere, that Sarah Palin doesn't love our constitutional free expression rights? Is there evidence, anywhere, that Sarah Palin would not admire a lawyer who fought to defend free speech rights against the oppressive government use of criminal law against a science teacher? ... But even assuming Clarence Darrow should be anathema to Sarah Palin, the quote — 'Lost causes' are the only ones worth fighting for' — isn't from Clarence Darrow. It's from the book that became the movie 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.'"
Krista West of the Culture and Media Institute:
"Is there anything that Sarah Palin says that doesn’t get twisted by the liberal media?"
PW Enterprise at Patricia:
"Here is how these extreme media outlets look at stuff: Sarah Palin is labeled as a supporter of Domestic Violence because she won’t 'denounce' Genn Beck, yet our President can have associates such as Reverend Wright, William Ayers and Geroge Soros and all is fuzzy warm. What is wrong with people in this country that 1st believe this BS and 2ndly support it?"
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"Rove, let me rock your little world with a question: what if Sarah Palin is smarter than you? Seriously. You’re either playing a sly bad cop role here, or maybe you’re past your sell-by date."
Andrew Gully of AFP:
"Palin announced in July 2009 that she was resigning as Alaska governor, 18 months before completing her first term, providing a puzzling explanation that it was due to frivolous ethics complaints against her. It is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that the potent figure in the burgeoning anti-Obama opposition movement simply wanted to dedicate herself completely to a 2012 presidential run."
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"Here’s some advice for those who give POLITICO fodder. Grow a spine and own your comments; otherwise shut up."
Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America:
"The last thing Republican operatives should be discussing on the eve of a historic election featuring conservative women is some kind of goofy ‘Stop Palin’ strategy. Unfortunately this is typical of the GOP establishment’s self-serving worldview which the grassroots have clearly repudiated."
Richard Viguerie, CEO of ConservativeHQ, via email:
"Sarah Palin presented a strong and articulate case for Republicans in a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace"
SamHenry at On My Watch:
"Rumors that Republican stalwarts have been trying to find a way of freezing Sarah Palin out of the 2012 presidential race are circulating and unless this is squashed, Barack will rise again on cannibalism carried out in the Republican Ranks. One of the most important points to consider when trying to strong-arm a candidate is not just that it stymies the democratic process but that it suggests to voters that the Republicans hacks don’t have very much confidence in their innate intelligence. In short, let Palin do what she does best and get behind her if she gets the nomination."
- JP

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