Monday, November 15, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 155

Special "I can see the reviews of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' from my house" Edition

h/t: Denise

Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"I just finished watching the first part of the eight part new documentary on TLC called 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska'. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The scenery was fantastic... What I liked most about the show is that it shows the family uncut and unscripted... There didn’t seem to be any desire on the part of the Palins to put up a false image, but rather a desire to just be themselves... This show looks to provide an unprecedented transparent look into the life of a political figure which is something that I appreciate. I’m sure there will be naysayers who will point to the flaws, but most I believe will gain a new appreciation for Governor Palin, but more importantly, an appreciation for the state that she loves."
James Poniewozik at TIME:
"If Palin's red-meat Fox News commentary is the sort of media you do to position yourself for a primary, then 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', full of folksy moments and free-range metaphors, is a general-election play."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"'Sarah Palin’s Alaska' begins with the former governor giving her mission statement for the series. Sarah Palin is one of these unique personalities that has taken the nation by storm. She is using the height of her popularity to uphold the promise she made during her farewell speech from the governorship: promote Alaska. Not only is this a showcase of Alaska, the beauty of the state with its snow-covered mountains, beautiful lakes, and rivers; it also grants viewers a chance to see the real Sarah Palin and not the character projected by the mainstream and liberal media."
Ken Tucker at Entertainment Weekly:
"She struggles mightily against a side of rock that would leave me quailing and ready to give up, but Palin persists and succeeds. This is Sarah at her most winning."
Meredith Jessup at The Blaze:
"It’s official. Some people will complain about anything when it comes to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The latest complaint comes from environmentalists who are criticizing Palin’s new television special, 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska,' airing this evening on TLC... For being an 'environmentalist,' Toppenberg seems blissfully unaware of how dangerous bears are. Further, if Palin hadn’t have reacted with a bit of fear (which all humans should around bears, mind you), I predict Toppenberg would then complain that the former governor was putting people in danger by not warning them of how dangerous bears are. If Toppenberg thinks wild bears are so 'habituated,' let him be the first to approach one without fear. Seriously, Palin can’t win with these people. Fortunately for the rest of us, she doesn’t seem to care."
Dale Buss at Brand Channel:
"Not surprisingly, some critics already are scoring the eight-week TLC reality show as little more than one long presidential campaign commercial. Palin has promoted it as a fun, revealing and family-friendly look at Alaska. It may, of course, be both."
Dewaine Shoulders at Palin Promotions:
"The left and the media has created a character out of Sarah Palin, and tonight, we finally got to see the real woman. This is a woman who loves her family, her home and nature. She relishes the moments that make her life in Alaska so interesting, and also relishes the mundane aspects as well... This will probably not change any minds about Sarah Palin, pro or con. But what it may do is begin to show those on the fence, those people unsure about how they feel about the woman, that she is the real deal. And there is nothing wrong with her, unlike what most of the MSM had tried to portray. She’s not the anti-environmental monster that the leftist bloggers have been droning on about, nor is she the stupid bimbo that many on the left have trumpeted time and again. Sarah Palin is a woman who loves her family, her state, her country, and her life. And in the end, there isn’t anything wrong with that. Those credentials prove that she is America… Just like the rest of us!"
Sister Toljah:
"Great stuff. Alaska is a beautiful state... What a down to earth family, and what super lady Palin is – and totally NOT a 'diva' as some on the left have painted her out to be."
Tom Gliatto at
"The first hour of the show, at least, played out as a shrewd, beautifully produced political ad intended to link the one-time vice presidential candidate in the audience's minds with an image that is homegrown, rugged and strong. There's nothing unfair or even surprising about this.... Palin and husband Todd climb the base of Mount McKinley. It's impossible to watch this footage and not see it as a metaphor for Palin's own self-propelled rise in politics. The segment was a bit hokey, but Palin deserves credit for making her way up a rock face despite an admitted fear of heights. I wouldn't have blamed her for standing on a stepladder and calling it a day."
"If Teddy Roosevelt – the outdoorsman and naturalist, not the 'progressive' ideologue – were a woman, he’d be called Sarah Palin."
Dick Rolfe, CEO of The Dove Foundation:
"'Sarah Palin’s Alaska' is chock full of the stunning, majestic landscapes at Denali Park and Mount McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America. Nature’s beauty can also present dangerous challenges like angry momma bears and 100 ft deep ice crevices that could swallow up a careless climber. This rugged backdrop offers some insights as to how Sarah and Todd Palin acquired the skills to overcome some of their own personal adversities; from the birth of their special needs child, Trigg to the cruel jabs leveled at them by political opponents and media pundits. Sarah is seen as a typical mother with all the challenges of a parent with children from ages 2 to 18. Her husband and help-mate, Todd is not shy or quiet as he is often portrayed. Calm and secure are more appropriate adjectives that describe him. His calming demeanor helps keep the family on task and on track."
Rick Moore at
"Amazing scenery and I'm pretty sure many lefty heads will explode as they realize that Sarah Palin is actually human... This series will do wonders for Alaska's economy and TLC's ratings, not to mention Sarah Palin's image."
Bungalow Bill at BBCW:
"Have you ever seen the documentary 'Grizzly Man'? ... Eventually a mean ol' bear he named Mr. Chocolate got very hungry and desperate to consume enough calories to survive hibernation, as the imbecile environmentalist Treadwell was soon eaten by Mr. Chocolate... Now many years later, Sarah Palin is talking a more conservative approach to showing the magnificence of bears, and guess who's complaining? The environmentalists! It never fails. Prop up an idiot like Treadwell who tampers with their environment but make Sarah Palin the villain for keeping her distance but enjoying their beauty while understanding their danger... And so it's ok when liberals with mental disorders disturb the bears at close proximity, but by golly if you are a prominent conservative, they will call you out on it."
Gio at Giovanni's World:
"This woman may be running for the Presidency in the future and I would like to see her up close and personal. I’m hoping this show allows me, and millions of other viewers [to] get that look. So far, she is exactly what I expected, and I am not disappointed."
Jay Tea at Wizbang:
"Anyone who says that Sarah's a prima donna or diva or wimp has no clue what they are talking about. Those terms simply don't apply to someone who routinely handles live fish, shoots shotguns, and does the other stuff she does on a regular basis... I am getting more and more convinced that Sarah Palin gets this country. She has a hell of a grasp on how we're changing and going societally (and not just politically), and she's riding the hell out of it... Now she's taking over reality TV, but in her own way -- family-friendly and wholesome. This is a woman who intends to make her mark on this nation. She might run for president, or she might not -- it depends on whether or not she decides if... she can achieve more by other means. And those who continue to misunderestimate her, denigrate her, dismiss her... they will do so to their regret, and their peril."
- JP

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