Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 152

"Change the Culture" Edition

Peter Roff at
"The battle over the chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee is not the only one drawing attention from conservative leaders, Tea Party activists, and the people who want to change the culture in Washington. Another battle has broken out over who should chair the influential House Committee on Financial Services. The early assumption that Alabama Republican Spencer Bachus would take over the panel has been set aside now that California’s Ed Royce has entered the race and has won, it should be noted, the backing of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin’s interest may be more personal than political. After all Bachus did tell a local Alabama paper that her involvement in the recent round of primaries cost the GOP control of the Senate. It is however also true that Royce opposed the Troubled Asset Relief Program while Bachus voted for it twice, something that Royce’s backers point to as an important philosophical difference between the two men."
Mark J. Goluskin at Right View from the Left Coast:
"Spence. May I call you Spence? You are flat out wrong... Good Lord, man! You have got to get off the Karl Rove/Michael Gerson talking points."
Michelle Malkin:
"Last we heard from former Bush speechwriter-turned-Washington Post line columnist Michael Gerson, he was attacking Tea Party activists and yours truly for criticizing his old boss/mentor Karl Rove’s Christine O’Donnell-bashing... Well, Rove’s Beltway water boy took to his WaPo perch again this weekend to re-litigate the midterm election results on behalf of his boss and damn the Tea Party movement, Jim DeMint, and Sarah Palin... Rove has questioned Palin’s 'gravitas' for promoting her home state of Alaska in a multi-part TV series. Yes, God forbid Republican women look like they enjoy their lives and their families and the natural resources and gifts America has to offer outside of D.C. and away from the boardroom. How out of touch can these Beltway boys be?"
Dan Riehl at Big Journalism:
"Does Gerson now want us to believe that Palin can so alter a Senate race less than a week out from an election, especially after the establishment threw everything behind Castle for months? That’s foolishness."
The Pistolero at Live from the Alamo City:
"It could never have been the fault of the Republican establishment that got so out-of-touch that they forgot why they were sent to Washington and who sent them there, thereby starting the chain reaction that led to last Tuesday's tea party-fueled anti-incumbent blowout. Apparently it was all Sarah Palin's fault the national Republicans lost their way to the extent voters handed two branches of government to the Democrats, even though Palin hadn't even advanced to state-level politics in Alaska as the Republicans ascended in Washington. She must be really powerful to have had that effect, eh?"
William Teach at Pirate's Cove:
"Perhaps [the media] should look at their own record on treating female Republicans, such as Sarah Palin. Who, BTW, has destroyed a Wall Street Journal writer."
MK Freeberg at House of Eratosthenes:
"This is one of the special concoctions, in which Palin herself has felt inclined to revisit something, tempted by the opportunity to lay an awesome smackdown upon a smarmy WSJ Palinphobe.... So we have a situation here: If food costs have been going up, Palin is right and Reddy is wrong; if they have not been, Reddy is right and Palin is wrong. Well, not only have food prices being going up but the Wall Street Journal said so. So Reddy is not only wrong, but gloriously wrong. He’s been exposed as not even bothering to read his own paper. We just got done with that 'Party Like It’s 1773' thing where the Palin haters made absolute fools out of themselves, by flying on the seat of their pants and letting their passions take them for a ride. Next time they make the same noises, they want us to pretend it didn’t happen and we somehow accommodate them. So now we are to pretend food costs have not been going up."
Priscilla at GeeeeeZ!:
"We will be watching who in the GOP is demonizing our grassroots movement, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, or Michele Bachmann, for that matter. I would remind you that there is an election in two years..."
Michael Goodwin of the New York Post:
"Germany, China, Russia, Brazil and Japan and most of the world's central banks are on Palin's side. They warn of a potential global disaster of rampant inflation and protectionism. They're also calling America a hypocrite because the cash surge will cheapen the dollar, a form of currency manipulation the United States finds abhorrent when China does it. The rising chorus of criticism is a 'global backlash' against Bernanke, says The Wall Street Journal. Its editorial page concludes that Palin has effectively managed to put the case for a strong dollar 'back to the center of the American political debate,' where it belongs, and adds: 'She shows a talent for putting a technical subject in language that average Americans can understand.' True story."
Patrick J. Buchanan at the American Conservative:
"Bernanke is not just risking inflation. He is inducing inflation... Sarah Palin has nailed cold what Bernanke is about..."
Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"These people -- who wouldn’t dream of sullying their eyes by watching Fox News, or marring their baby ears by listening to Rush Limbaugh, or harming their little minds by entertaining an idea put forth by Sarah Palin, or hell, even Chris Christie -- seem to hate anything traditionally, unabashedly American. So closed off and insulated in their hermetically sealed bubble of superiority, shamelessly condescending to the 'unwashed masses'. They scorn God, Family, Country and Patriotism. That’s for fascists -- never mind that the fascists they’re describing are about 70% of the American public."
Liberal professor Joan C. Williams, guest blogging at the Washington Post:
"How did New Deal Democrats become Tea Party Republicans? The answer: class conflict... Sarah Palin knows how to bond with these white nonunion voters. Unless Democrats want Palin as president, they need to stop alienating those voters."
Gary P. Jackson at A Time For Choosing:
"Sarah Palin brings with her a unique set of life experiences, having grown up in the rugged last frontier, couple with the common sense that also made Reagan one of our greatest Presidents, and you have a powerful leader who can certainly make a great President in her own right. This is why the radical left, as well as elements of the Republican Party want to stop her. Sarah Palin connects with the American people because she is one of us. A local gal done good. The epitome of the great American story."
John Tantillo, "The Marketing Doctor," at
"Imagine this scenario... Hillary Clinton [vs.]... Sarah Palin... Colin Powell... as Hillary’s VP, and Marco Rubio joining forces with Palin. Wow."
John at The City Square:
"Liberals and their sexual fetishes... The latest cover for Mother Jones magazine shows how liberals in the media see Sarah Palin... Why do they do this? Does it indicate relationship issues? Support for that idea comes from a McDaniel College study which found that children of liberal parents were less able to form close positive relationships."
- JP

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