Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 151

Special "Dramamine" Edition

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:
"Emboldened by her successful debate with a Wall Street Journal reporter over monetary policy, Sarah Palin continues today to blast the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration over the second round of 'quantitative easing.' ...Palin suspects that Obama’s ride on the QE2 also gives him a free ride on debt, allowing the President to avoid making tough decisions — and warns that the rest of us should start taking our Dramamine... The Fed has run out of options to deal with monetary policy in an environment where Congress won’t reform spending and entitlements and a President demands even more deficit spending. In the face of a political establishment that refuses to acknowledge fiscal reality, the Fed has set sail on the QE2 for Weimar, or at the very least, Greece. There isn’t enough Dramamine in the world for those choppy seas."
National Inflation Association:
"Sudeep Reddy wrote an article criticizing Palin's comments about food inflation... NIA finds it unfortunate that Reddy has been brainwashed into believing the government's phony consumer price index (CPI) numbers."
The IUSB Vision Weblog:
"A rule that is taught in every journalism school is this, when you write on a person and/or a subject be sure to check your own paper's archives on the issue and subject. Apparently Sudeep Reddy at the Wall Street Journal was absent the day that was covered in class…and missed the question on the test... Sarah Palin on the other hand, has a journalism degree and... is correct about food prices; any of us who do some of the shopping and/or work retail know this very well... American Business Analytics & Research tells the Salem-News that if the government still calculated inflation the way it was calculated during Carter and Reagan (changed under Clinton) the inflation rate would be 10%."
Riley at Virginia Virtucon:
"Palin’s monetary policy harkens back to Reagan, Kemp... I cannot point to any other potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate who is espousing supply-side, pro-economic growth policies the way that she has been."
Right Wingnut at Right Speak:
"Once again, Sarah Palin has shed new light on an issue that could have serious implications for our country for generations to come. I know, I know...Paul Ryan and a few others have tried to make their voices heard on the the dangers of QE2 for a while now. However, they don't have the power to draw attention to an issue in a way that reaches mainstream America... Given that he's an 'economic genius,' I'm anxiously waiting to hear Mitt Romney's position. Now that Sarah Palin has led the charge, he will most likely conclude that the coast is clear, and issue a statement through his spokesperson sometime in the next few days."
The Editors at Investors Business Daily:
"An unlikely assortment of people ranging from Sarah Palin and Paul Volcker to Rep. Paul Ryan and World Bank head Robert Zoellick all believe quantitative easing is a big mistake. So do we."
Tom Maguire at JustOneMinute:
"Maybe Sarah Palin really does shop for groceries... The WSJ correctly notes that over the past year the CPI for food prices has increased only modestly... But the WSJ does not look at the quarterly report for food prices in Alaska as prepared by the University of Alaska (Fairbanks) Cooperative Extension (described on page 6 of 8 by the Alaska BLS). And what do we discern? From June 2009 to June 2010 food prices in Wasilla jumped by 11.7%. Yike!"
Ira Stoll at Future Of Capitalism:
"In the fight between Sarah Palin and the Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy over food inflation, the Los Angeles Times is siding with Governor Palin..."
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
"Sudeep Reddy couldn’t tangle with Palin’s correct assertion that the Fed’s choice of inflation (one of a couple ways this administration believes to be the panacea for a recession: inflation, tax hike) actually contributes to the toxic environment which has scared businesses and investors from further revenue growth and job creation, so Reddy relies on straw man to afford the jab... If the liberal media spent as much time trying to hold the Fed as accountable as they try with Palin and their straw man arguments, perhaps we would have greater transparency and accountability in our economic system."
Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress:
"In my continuing quest to remain a dispassionate observer of Sarah Palin... I’m happy to acknowledge the former Governor’s extremely well-played strikeback at a reporter who clearly was so eager to attack her that he left himself wide open for her riposte. She quite deftly scored a 'very palpable hit.'"
Gunpowder Chronicle:
"Maybe Reddy should have gotten his [butt] out of the office and actually gone to a grocery store. There, he would have found while prices may have risen only a little, package sizes have been decreasing for over two years. Have you tried to buy a half gallon of ice cream lately? Noticed the size of the razor blade packages? Frozen pizzas are smaller. Frozen meal sizes are down. Cereal box sizes are down. Crackers and cookie packaging sizes are down. Have you seen soda prices lately? In my area, a twelve-pack of cans averages $4.00 – more expensive than some beer. Reddy obviously doesn’t know how the CPI works, because the CPI does not take into account the size of packaging as a factor in price. And as any Towson University freshman in Microeconomics 101 will tell you, when package size goes down but the published price stays the same, this is a price increase."
Bluegrass Pundit:
"If you are going to slam Palin for getting the facts wrong, make sure she didn't get them from your own paper."
Sissy Willis at Liberty Pundits:
"But while Ruling Class effetes navel gaze, Country Class warrior Sarah Palin herself has been doing her homework, and she's dancing circles around those who would accuse her of being just another pretty face. Yesterday she caught the seasoned eye of the Wall Street Journal's editorial board, who praised her critique of the Fed's latest round of quantitative easing."
Aurelius at Pundit Press:
"If you read the article, Palin stated that food prices increased over the last year. They did. The HuffPo cries foul, saying that the prices didn't rise that much, but obviously their lies cannot hide the fact that Palin was correct."
Devonia Smith at
"Sarah Palin, self described 'humble housewife' can both read and write - she wants Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal to know. Both are handy skills for buying groceries and checking the prices to fill the cupboards of an average American family, on a budget... Reddy is quoting from September’s increase in food prices... of the Labor Department and Commerce Department... Ahhh, therein lies the problem. Reddy is quoting on overall prices, not the items that families, who cannot live on bananas or even moose stew alone, might purchase. We're betting that Sarah isn't concerned with how stable the prices are for the liquor for a White House gala but focused on how an an average family of four, with a decrease in income, is far more likely to need that ground chuck and drop the beverages."
- JP


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