Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joe Miller gains over 900 votes in first absentee count

In the first day of absentee ballot counting in Alaska, Joe Miller has narrowed Sen. Lisa Murkowski's lead by about 900 votes.
The Division of Elections has put out a big statewide update, which includes the districts reported already as well as new ones (will take a little time to figure out just which ones.)

The bottom line in the update is that the state is now reporting that it's counted over 8,000 absentee and early votes today.

The write-ins lead Joe Miller by 12,525 votes. That represents a 914 vote gain for Miller in today's count of absentee and early votes. The write-in lead was 13,439 the start of the day.

The Miller campaign says there are roughly 37,000 absentee ballots still outstanding.

- JP

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