Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joe McGinness: Hey, can't a stalker get a little privacy here?

Aw, poor Joe McGinniss can't even take a little taste of his own medicine. Doug Powers explains:

Remember Joe McGinniss, Todd and Sarah Palin’s creepy stalker neighbor guy who moved in next door until the end of summer, in order to finish a book he was writing about the Palins?

It seems that McGinniss is distraught at his inclusion in the show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

From Dave Weigel at Slate:

McGinniss’s attorney Dennis Holahan has requested that McGinniss’s image be removed from the show as “he was not aware that any camera crew was in fact videotaping him,” and the description of him in the show was “defamatory.” (McGinniss has repeatedly objected to Palin’s assertion that he could, or even wanted to, spy on her kids from the house — an assertion she made again in the show.)

I understand McGinniss’s objection to being defamed… because if I was working on a book about somebody’s family and I moved in next door to them while I completed the book, I’d expect nothing short of complete acceptance and high praise.


No /sarc tag needed...

- JP

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