Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dan Riehl: Where Is The NRCC?

Renee Ellmers needs to lawyer up. She won by 1600 votes, but her creepy Democrat opponent is demanding a recount. Gov. Palin is doing what she can to help out:
"Mama Grizzly Renee Ellmers needs our help securing an honest and fair recount. Please donate here:"

"SarahPAC help is on the way for @Renee4Congress recount fund. Will other PACs join us? How about Beltway GOP?"
Dan Riehl says he's been in touch with the RNC, and they are chipping in but not the NRCC:
"Renee Ellmers rightfully slammed the NRCC for lack of support today - via Politico. I've just gotten word from the RNC, they are supporting her recount effort with $10,000. How many balls does the NRCC have to drop before we realize they aren't bad jugglers, they're a bunch of clowns! They didn't spend a dime to get her elected, blowing it on losing causes in NC. Maybe she didn't hire the right consultants? Filed under Corrupt Bastards Club."
Come on, Pete Sessions, get with the program!

- JP

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