Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bush to Rush: 'I never said that' about Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh interviewed former president George W. Bush today. They had the following exchange which completely refutes a bogus NY Daily News hit piece which is being pushed around the moonbatosphere by the lying left:

Rush: "I want to give you a chance to comment on something. There are stories going around that do not quote you -- that quote "associates" or "friends" -- saying that you are telling them that Sarah Palin was a bad choice by Senator McCain to be vice president..."

Bush: "Yeah."

Rush: " - And that she -"

Bush: "I had never said that, of course, nor have I read it about it. I'm not going to comment on anybody that might be running for president. But that's what happens in today's world and blogosphere, you know. People get to hide behind some code name or something. They toss out gossip and rumor and it floats around the internet. I never said that and never would have said that."
Yet another leftist lie by the lamestream media exposed... How many does that make? There have been so many false stories they've propagated about Gov. Palin that we've lost count.

The full transcript of the interview is here.

- JP

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  1. Three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and lies about Sarah Palin.

    Bruce's rule:
    if you hear something that sounds stupid, or ridiculous or makes it sound like Sarah Palin has somehow lost her mind, that’s your cue that it’s a false story, engineered to make it sound like, uh, Palin has lost her mind.