Monday, November 15, 2010

Beaufort Observer: Sarah Palin lays out 2012 blueprint

In an editorial in North Carolina's The Beaufort Observer, the editors credit Gov. Palin, by virtue of her Facebook op-ed "An Open Letter to Republican Freshmen Members of Congress," has put to rest the Democrats' "The Party of NO" argument against Republicans:
We would suggest that this piece contains some very profound points.

First, it is a "tell it like it is" challenge to the new members of the House but also to those Republicans who may be still stuck in the "we need to reach out to the Democrats and work across the aisle." It should be a clarion call to forget the idea that principles can be compromised in order to be "nice guys."

Secondly, it should be viewed as a clear statement of what the Tea Party Movement expects of not only the newly elected representatives, but indeed of all elected officials.


And thirdly, we believe one can see in this piece the 2012 presidential campaign spelled out...

- JP

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