Saturday, November 6, 2010

Attack of the Bushies

Sarah Palin has weathered attacks by "Bush's Brain." Now "Bush's Mouth" has gone after her too. After being attacked by Karl Rove, now Gov. Palin is under fire from Dubya's former speechwriter Michael Gerson. Using the Washington Post, a vehicle which has already accumulated "Cash for Clunkers" mileage running down the 2008 vice presidential candidate, Vichy Republican Gerson takes the old jalopy out for another sputtering spin. Doug Brady at Conservatives for Palin pegs the hit piece as "a disjointed mix of establishment talking points, untruths, and a rather obvious contradiction which eludes the author utterly":
So, as with other spectator Republicans who had absolutely nothing to do with Tuesday's election result, Gersen wants to assign "blame" to Governor Palin for Tuesday's historic Republican sweep. In Gersen's mind, apparently, it's Governor Palin's fault that the enormous victory wasn't bigger than it was.


The ruling class in both parties... see Governor Palin and the entire Tea Party movement as an existential threat to their way of doing business. That they should, because their party is coming to an end, and the political earthquake which took place on Tuesday is just the beginning.
Read Doug's full post. He does a fine job of debunking Gerson's bulls... er, bunk.

It's not just the younger Bush's minions, but the former president himself who is dissing Gov. Palin, if a report in the left wing NY Daily News is to be believed. Citing an anonymous GOP source (What other kind is there for the Palin-hostile lamestream media?), the story alleges that George W. thought John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate "makes Bush think less of McCain as a man."

We won't believe this until we hear Bush say it himself for three reasons. First, given that the bad blood between them never got much of a chance to cool, it's difficult to imagine Bush being able to think any less of McCain than he already did before Gov. Palin was named to the ticket. Second, consider the source. Oh, wait. You can't, because it doesn't have a name. Third, because said source remains anonymous, it could very well be Rove, Gerson or some other good old boy from the former administration just making it up.

But what if the story is true, and what the Daily News spews is really GWB's thinking? In the opinion of

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  1. Agreed. To his credit former President Bush hasn't said anything regarding Palin. It looks like his upcoming appearance on Oprah demonstrates that he is unwilling to enter the current political fray. Oprah asks him if Palin is "the one" for the GOP and he refuses to answer by respectfully saying as a former president, he wishes to stay out of the current political debate.

    So, if he doesn't like Palin personally, don't look for it in his book or upcoming appearances. By all accounts, Bush is too classy to air his grievances personally.

    His "friends" and "advisors" however seem to be another story. Not only do their attacks on Palin demonstrate the rampant cowardice infecting the GOP establishment, but they are not serving Bush well. They are not honoring his wishes to stay out of the current political debate by attributing attacks on Palin to him.

    These attacks by yet more "anonymous" dirtbags within the GOP ruling class and the recent piece by elitist snob Peggy Noonan where she referred to Palin as "ignorant" and a "nincompoop" only further alienate the grassroots folks from the party. Keep talking tools, and the tea party and Palin forces will form a third party.

    We don't take kindly to insults from the Democrats. We certainly aren't going to allow the GOP establishment to talk to us like that.