Monday, November 1, 2010

ABC News: Gov. Palin Endorses Tom Tancredo

ABC News’ Huma Khan reports that Sarah Palin has endorsed Tom Tancredo, a former GOP congressman-turned now running on the American Constitution Party ticket:
Palin taped a recorded message for Tancredo, though she didn’t endorse him on Facebook and Twitter, as she normally does.

“Tom is the right man for the job and he’ll fight for lower taxes,” Palin said. “He’ll stop growing government and start growing the economy, and we know he’ll continue to work to end illegal immigration.”
Listen to Gov. Palin's recording here.

Andrew Malcolm comments:
It's actually not a bad political move for Tancredo and Palin. With no GOP damage since Maes is a non-factor, she solidifies her anti-establishment, go-with-the-common-sense-conservative-guy-no-matter-what stance. Palin's pal and Tancredo's former House colleague Michele Bachmann made the same move earlier. If Tancredo wins, it looks like he'd owe her, if Palin were to run for something else someday soon.

And since Tancredo wasn't getting any significant Democratic support anyway, the arrival of Palin's endorsement costs him nothing and might help among Colorado's conservatives, where she is a favorite and he must score very big to have a chance in this three-way tilt.
- JP

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