Friday, June 17, 2011

Whittington: Media spins yet another false yarn about Sarah Palin

The media's war on Gov. Palin is "journalistic malpractice on an epic scale."
One of the many lies the corrupt media has been falsely "reporting" about Gov. Palin is the one that there is some kind of feud between her and the token Conservative Lite™ co-host of "The View," Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Mark Whittington weighs in:
About a week ago, the Los Angeles Times reported that an unnamed friend of Hasselbeck said that Palin was giving the TV co-host the cold shoulder and was refusing to return her calls. The theory was that Palin was miffed at Hasselbeck's mild criticism of her bus tour taking attention away from Mitt Romney.

Now, however, Hasselbeck has weighed in on the controversy and, just like the Margaret Thatcher snub story and the Paul Revere story, there was far less than meets the eye. According to Politico, Hasselbeck tweeted the following: "Fact: Sarah #Palin always has returned my calls. Fact: when it comes to #Palin press will get it wrong."

Compared to some of the other things that have been written about Palin, the alleged rift with Hasselbeck is small stuff, more like tabloid rumors than anything else. But it illustrates a problem that the media has with telling the truth about Palin.


The email kerfuffle demonstrates the continuing obsession that what Palin has called the "lamestream media" has with the former Alaska governor and their desire to bring her down. Implying that there was some kind of dirt in the emails, the media poured over them as if they were the Pentagon Papers and found nothing more than a governor who worked like a beaver for her state.

Hasselbeck is certainly right about one thing. The press more often than not gets it wrong about Palin. It is journalistic malpractice on an epic scale.

We're convinced that when Mama Grizzly finishes shredding the media, there won't even be enough carrion left for the vultures to feed on. And even considering all the good things she has accomplished in her political career, this may be her most valued service to her country.

- JP

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  1. "this may be her most valued service to her country." Truly! Truth is prevailing. When they print lies the truth comes out.