Monday, June 13, 2011

'The Undefeated' to Screen at Conservative Conferences

"The center-Right is taking a closer look at Sarah Palin"
It's a major coup for 'The Undefeated' writer/director Stephen Bannon, and it's sure to help continue the upward trend of Gov. Palin's political stock . Three key conferences -- RightOnline, Smart Girl Summit, And The Redstate Gathering -- will feature his Sarah Palin documentary at their major events. At the RightOnline Conference, Andrew Breitbart will introduce the two-hour film in his speech, ”The Battle For The Soul Of The Conservative Movement And The Republican Party." From the press release:
Victory Film Group today announced The Undefeated, which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, will screen for select audiences at several upcoming events including; for bloggers at The RightOnline Conference in Minneapolis on June 17th; for conservative women activists at the Smart Girl Summit in St. Louis on July 30th , and the RedState Gathering in Charleston, SC on August 12th.


At the RightOnline Conference, Andrew Breitbart will introduce the film with a speech.

"The center-Right is taking a closer look at Sarah Palin as she is getting high profile attention for her nationwide bus tour, release of emails, and overall political positioning. This film takes an unvarnished look at a woman that leaves the mainstream media in her dust and makes no apologies," said Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity and president of Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

"I’m pleased to screen The Undefeated at AFP Foundation’s RightOnline conference this Friday, and allow hundreds of free-market activists to learn the real story behind Palin’s political career," he added.

“Showing The Undefeated at this year’s Smart Girl Summit is both exciting and important,” says Stacy Mott, president of Smart Girl Politics. “Sarah Palin has been a huge inspiration to a new generation of conservative women activists and we pay tribute to that by showing the film at our annual conference,” she adds. “Being a conservative woman in politics is not easy, and we are certain The Undefeated will serve to rally our attendees as we push toward electoral victory in 2012.”

"Sarah Palin connects with grassroots conservatives in a way few others do. The RedState Gathering is an annual gathering of authentic grassroots conservatives. Showing The Undefeated to this audience is a natural fit, particularly as RedState's readers continue to support and love Governor Palin,” said Erick-Woods Erickson, editor,

“We are very excited about screening The Undefeated for these select audiences,” says Stephen K. Bannon. "There is a battle for the soul of the Conservative movement and the Republican Party and it is most important to bring this film to these influential activist audiences."

“We believe that Governor Palin’s story of rising from obscurity to national prominence and taking on both the right and the left will inspire the audiences at The RightOnline Conference, the Smart Girl Summit, the RedState Gathering, as well as audiences nationwide when the film opens July 15th,” said Glenn Bracken Evans.

Eat your heart out, John Ziegler.

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