Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin vs. The Establishment

It is breathtakingly mean-spirited what some Republicans have done to Palin
Here are some excerpts from the transcript of Rush's Thursday show:
Conservatism in the Republican Party is still considered an outsider no matter who you are. If you're a conservative you're an outsider -- I mean a genuine conservative... I think the way Palin has been treated has really been a shock and an eye-opener for a lot of Republicans, because it really has been vicious. It is breathtakingly mean-spirited from the Republican side what's been done to Palin, not just the Democrats where you would expect it to come from.


It is hilarious, folks, to read some of the press about Palin. They just are bugged to no end, accusing her of creating traffic dangers with her bus convoy! You know, she snuck out of the hotel in Gettysburg. She snuck out the back door to head up to New York, I think maybe to meet Trump or something. She beat the media out and they're livid that she gave them the slip. They just can't believe that she got away with that. They can't believe she gave 'em the slip. They can't believe that she would even try to give 'em the slip.


She is driving them insane. In fact, this story in the Boston Herald makes mention of the fact that Romney's not too happy about this because this is his big coming out day, his big announcement. She's up there stealing his thunder in a different part of the state. He's in New Hampshire announcing. She's drawing all the crowds; says that she's not concerned about the party; she's not concerned about delegates and this, that, and the other thing. You know, I have never met Sarah Palin. I've spoken to her twice in interviews. I don't know her. People ask me for insight. I couldn't tell you. So I don't know. People ask me, "Is she doing this stuff because she has a score to settle with the Republicans, too?

"Does she think they were unkind to her during the campaign with some of the stuff they put out or let get out about the wardrobe?" and I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. I don't know if she's settling scores. I don't know if what she's doing is, quote, unquote, "establishing the brand" and making money. I don't know if what she's doing is having fun tweaking the media. Well, yeah, I do know she's having fun doing that -- and I think that represents a stunning reversal. That she's able to is a stunning reversal. She has them on the run, she has them on defensive, she has them making themselves look like utter high school gossip-mongering fools. It actually is hilarious to look at the dander these people have been worked into.

- JP

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