Monday, June 6, 2011

Rob Bluey: Indie Sarah Palin flick could alter 2012 political landscape

"It's a powerful story of an amazing woman"
Rob Bluey, director of The Heritage Foundation Center for Media and Public Policy, has written a review of "The Undefeated" in a Washington Examiner op-ed. What Bluey found most compelling about the film is that it has the potential to help reverse the negative perception of Gov. Palin that was created by the corrupt media which got Obama elected:
Long before Sarah Palin became one of America's most polarizing political figures - reviled by the left and critiqued by the right - she was an extremely popular governor of Alaska with a record of major accomplishments.

Years before emerging on the national scene, Palin rightfully earned the "maverick" label for taking on corruption and shaking up the establishment in Juneau.

But to this day, the story of Palin's rise to power remains largely unknown outside of Alaska. While it was part of her best-selling book, "Going Rogue," Americans have heard a different tale from the liberal media - one that portrays Palin as an unintelligent, conniving politician who poses a dangerous threat to the country. It began on Aug. 29, 2008, and hasn’t stopped since.

A new feature-length documentary by conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon seeks to change that perception. It tells the incredible story of Palin's groundbreaking rise in Alaska and foreshadows the unpredictable future that awaits.

I was among a small group of reporters from Washington to view the film recently. It's a powerful story of an amazing woman, but also a sad tale of a life changed forever.

"The Undefeated" is already generating buzz as a film that could alter the 2012 landscape. It will debut later this month in Iowa, home to the first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses.

Bluey says Bannon told him that even liberal theater owners are "clamoring for a chance to screen the movie, realizing that Palin’s story is a lot more remarkable than even they realized."

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