Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Hampshire, Iowa Voters 'Like' Gov. Palin Best on Facebook

Sarah Palin received the highest “Like” rate in both key GOP primary states
The results of a study which examined how Republican presidential candidates resonate more with voters on Facebook in New Hampshire and Iowa indicates that Sarah Palin received the highest “Like” rate:

SocialCode conducted a randomized campaign among Facebook users in Iowa and New Hampshire to gauge the power of specific messages for seven potential contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. Between May 23 and June 4, Facebook users in these critical early voting states were asked to show support by clicking “Like” in response to randomly displayed image combinations of seven declared or prospective candidates (or a GOP elephant) with five common Republican messages.
  • On every message former Alaska governor Sarah Palin received the highest “Like” rate in both New Hampshire and Iowa;

  • “Values” rank fourth of the five-item message list across candidates, but it's a major driver for Palin, who remains a shadow candidate. For Palin, the 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee, the values-oriented message performs significantly better than does a focus on the economy;

  • Palin is the only one of the seven potential candidates where economic messaging scores last;
If the study is to be taken at face value, the implication is that Team Palin doesn't need to worry about foreign policy, national security or social issues, but needs to concentrate on getting her economic message out there on Facebook.

According to SocialCode, a full-service Facebook agency and subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, the study was designed to show "how the world’s largest social networking platform, when used correctly, can be a powerful research tool for politicians and brands."

- JP


  1. Notice how the author of this article speculates that "Facebook is officially broken" because just everyone knows that Sarah Palin is disliked by virtually everyone. Of course she is basing this on "polling" never once stopping to consider whether or not entities like CBS, NBC, WaPo, NYT, CNN, etc., who have spent the last 3 years trying to destroy Palin, can run an honest poll on Palin or are they willing to even fabricate polls results in order to further their goal of destroying her.

    It will be interesting to see who is right, the Facebook survey or the "polls." We'll find that out in about 7 months when both IA and NH cast ballots. My bet is that Facebook will be the most accurate.

  2. Oh, rats! I put the wrong link in the article. I meant to link to the press release from SocialCode instead of that biased Forbes crappola. Fixed it.

    It's hard to believe that Steve Forbes would allow such nonsense in the magazine he edits. Ironically, Gov. Palin was the AK coordinator of his presidential campaign.

    Steve sure has a heckuva way of saying "thank you" doesn't he? Go figure.

    - JP