Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 309

"Vindicated" Edition

Scott Conroy, at RealClearPolitics:
“Breitbart: Film Is ‘Vindication’ for Palin... Andrew Breitbart is particularly unyielding in his assessment of a favorite topic among like-minded conservative agitators: the media's treatment of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. ‘Sarah Palin has been inundated with the greatest assault known to humankind against a pure innocent,’ he said in an interview with RCP. Breitbart is set to introduce the pro-Palin film ‘The Undefeated’ when it premieres Friday in Minneapolis at the RightOnline Conference -- the first of three prominent gatherings for conservative activists in which the documentary will be screened in advance of its opening to the general public in Iowa and other early-voting states later this month. Breitbart has met Palin only three times and says that he has spent a total of less than 10 minutes in her presence. Nonetheless, he said that his most recent experiences in leading the scandal charges against Rep. Anthony Weiner have made him even more sympathetic to Palin's treatment by the media. ‘The movie is vindication,’ Breitbart said.”
Andrew Breitbart, to Jonah Lowenfeld at Jewish Journal:
“They blamed her for Tucson, and as they were kicking her when she was on the ground, she shrieked ‘This is a blood libel,’ and then they attacked her for that too.”
Northern Exposer, at Conservative Jedi:
“The left-wing MSM members have been on such an orgasmic mission to portray Sarah Palin (and as history shows every single conservative/Republican since the dawn of time) as stupid, racist, out of touch and whatever other feces they've collectively tried to fling. Case in point is the recent Paul Revere history lesson Palin gave to the MSM, in which historians agreed with her, which you know the media's collective heads absolutely exploded over... The latest humiliating example of media bias and ignorance is the racist MSNBC and their idiot of the week, Thomas Roberts. He claimed on Monday that Lyndon Baines Johnson ‘was never actually elected Commander-in-Chief.’ Score another one for liberal historical ignorance and idiocy.”
Peter Lucas, at the Sentinel & Enterprise:
“The media resentment is deep. They hate her because they know she can kill a moose, while they can't even kill a mouse.”
Mark Finkelstein, at NewsBusters:
“People know that the MSM despises Sarah Palin. Still, it was shocking to hear the beans so blithely spilled... Jim Vandehei of Politico, on Morning Joe today:
‘If you talk to any single reporter at any media organization that we're aware of, I don't think that anyone thinks she can be president or should be president.’ ... Vandehei was reacting to a column by Joe Scarborough in today's Politico, ‘The media's creepy Palin obsession.’ The Morning Joe host lambasted the MSM's bias against Palin, as epitomized by this week's Palin-email witch hunt by such worthies as the New York Times and the Washington Post.”
Tim Pawlenty, via The Hill's Blog Briefing Room:
“I think Gov. Palin is a remarkable leader; she is more than qualified to be president of the United States”
Michael Gaynor, at RenewAmerica:
“As the primary target of a liberal media establishment intent upon having Barack Obama in the White House, 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may be the best person to beat Obama in 2012, IF she exposes the ugly truth about Obama and the liberal media establishment. Unlike some other hopefuls for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Palin has the stuff needed to do what needs to be done... It may be that the ONLY way for a Republican to win will be to run against Obama AND the liberal media establishment that assured his election in 2012, in which case Palin may be Obama's worst nightmare.”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“Personally, I think the Left and the liberal media will do or write anything to try and keep Palin from running.”
Josh LeGuern, at
“Unlike all these anti-Palin conservatives... we know at the end of the day the ability to contrast one’s record with the record of President Obama will defeat him. Palin has the record to do that... I’ve got news for you, the media has eaten one big nasty bowl of crow this week over the Palin emails that even they had to admit showed her to be a competent, caring, and active governor to the point that they had to attempt construct a new narrative to try and paint her as ‘formerly competent.’ Sometimes politicos forget 90% of people don’t pay attention to politics in an off-presidential year. The polls you see where people don’t believe Palin is qualified to be president are from Palin’s terrible Couric interview and Tina Fey impersonations. When people see the real Sarah Palin, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that they’ll be impressed.”
Matt Lewis, at The Daily Caller:
“The new narrative: Sarah Palin has changed, man...”
Anthony Edwards, at Nillabyte:
“If you have followed news reports about Sarah Palin during the last 3 years, you would think she has the power of political resurrection. How many times has it been reported that Sarah Palin's presidential chances are dead? Yet, the media keeps reporting on her. Never in my life have I witnessed apparent multiple political suicides by one person, only to have their political career come back to life. Lately, it seems like it occurs once or twice a week -- the media writes her off, declares her non-official campaign as being DOA, then later the media finds her to be back in the running... They can't see a candidate as being viable unless the person in question has been part of the establishment for years and heralds from inside the beltway. They don't understand Palin. They see her as a country bumpkin who has no idea how the government should function. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Palin is one of the few politicians who understands history and understands the role and limits of the federal government.”
Sister Toldjah:
“Another mainstream media anti-Palin smear, this time originating in the UK press, bites the dust...”
William A. Jacobson, at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
“A week ago The Guardian reported that Margaret Thatcher was refusing to meet with Sarah Palin, attributing a quote to an ‘ally’ of Thatcher... It turns out that the Guardian story was a hoax, as reported by Nile Gardiner... So now all these people who used a fictitious account of Margaret Thatcher refusing to meet with Palin to belittle Palin now will apologize to Palin, right? And then to Lady Thatcher, right?”
Nice Deb:
“I wonder – Does Nicholas Watt still stand by his report?”
Tony Lee, at Human Events:
“Most people in middle America probably did not watch the debate in New Hampshire on Monday, as seven official (with Michele Bachman announcing during the debate that she had formally filed papers for her candidacy) presidential hopefuls debating... Contrary to the inane commentary by the members of the media that Michele Bachmann’s ability to string together coherent sentences would scare Palin into not entering the race, the debate did nothing to dissuade Palin from entering the race. If anything, it allows her to better make the case that she has surveyed the field of candidates and has decided that she must enter the fray.”
EH Vogel, at Generational Dysfunction:
“Okay, she wasn’t there. But the elephant in the room was the absence of Sarah Palin.”
Roger Simon, at Politico:
“Who won the Republican presidential debate? ... THIRD PLACE: Sarah Palin... She doesn’t show up for the debate, but she gets praised anyway! Tim Pawlenty says, ‘Palin would have been a great President.’ Keep talking like that, Timbo, and she’ll get her chance. Unlike Jon Huntsman, who also did not debate, Palin doesn’t need TV to build her name ID. If she runs, she is top tier from Day One.”
Piers Morgan, via Twitter:
“Elephant in the room already - Sarah Palin. Until she's in or out, this is all just a warm-up. #cnndebate
“Who knew? Sarah Palin had a ‘bad night’ in a debate that she didn’t even participate in, [according] to ABC hack and former Bill Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos. For whatever reason Fox News, and especially gas bag Bill O’Reilly seems to have a fetish for interviewing ABC hacks... Obviously poor ole George Stephanopoulos is still bitter that those 24,000 Palin e-mails gave them nothing to nitpick. If anything, those e-mails forced some lib media hacks to admit she seemed pretty good as governor. The media has suddenly fallen in love with Michele Bachmann today after she won the debate last night. I thought it seemed fishy. Now I know why. They think that Bachmann’s great performance was somehow a ‘bad night’ for Sarah Palin.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“This shouldn't be about whether or not Sarah Palin didn't return your phone call. It should be about what you want for the country. One should never walk away from a fight, even if it's a disagreement with one of your own.”
- JP

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