Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 308

Special "Dangerous Woman" Edition

Doug Patton, at CFP:
“Obviously, no person since Ronald Reagan has frightened the political left in this country as has Sarah Palin. The frenzy being played out recently in the hunt for any scrap of dirt in the e-mails of the former Alaska governor while she was in office would have been amusing had it not been so biased. The double standard applied by these jackals in the national media takes one’s breath away. It really is Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS)... This really isn’t scrutiny. Scrutiny is looking into legitimate problems or concerns in a person’s record or character that would or could reflect on that person’s ability to work for the public good. What is being done to Palin is more like a political colonoscopy... This brings us back to Sarah Palin, the most dangerous woman in America to their radical, progressive agenda. From the standpoint of the Left, this woman represents a threat to everything they cherish... And so she must be destroyed. And she hasn’t even announced that she’s running. Just imagine how deranged the media will become if she throws her hat in the ring.”
David Riddick, at The Aged P:
“What all these NYT/WaPo/Guardian/Mother Jones hacks did was to act like lemmings, heading towards what they thought was the sword in the stone that would finally slay the Palin dragon. Instead they fell off the cliff and lost all credibility.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“What a spectacular backfire it was. I mean 24,000 e-mails. How many people could withstand a media analysis of 24,000 of your e-mails replete with volunteers looking for any syllable of dirt on you and nobody finds anything? What a giant backfire. Speaking, of course, about Sarah Palin. The media is terribly distraught looking for the knockout shot that they have been unable to deliver... So all they found in these e-mails... is that... she is really devoted, a very, very hardworking governor. So now the New York Times and others are basically telling their readers to ignore the e-mails. Don't worry about it. We've looked at 'em for you... and there's nothing to see there. I marvel at this... They were so sure they were gonna find that smoking gun... but all they could find out was that she's very serious, that she's nice woman, that she took being vice presidential nominee very seriously, and they also confirmed that she is the mother of Trig. You know, they tried to spread a rumor that she was not the mother, one of the daughters was. They found out that she -- imagine! -- told the truth about that. (Gasp!) What do you do? I tell you what: Palin did better in her public colonoscopy than Katie Couric did in hers.”
Merv Benson , at Prairie Pundit:
“The emails appear to have lacked the gotcha moments the media was looking for. They mostly show her as a competent governor who cared about her state and her family.”
Andrea Tantaros, at FoxNews.com:
“Oops, they did it again. In yet another attempt to embarrass and humiliate Sarah Palin, the mainstream has fallen into a trap that they deliberately set for the former Alaska governor. On Friday, 24,000 emails were revealed from Palin’s time in the governor’s office to an all too anxious media, licking their chops at the prospect of discovering some juicy detail that could tarnish or -- better yet -- destroy her... But rather than find some salacious exchange, the emails revealed a warm, likeable executive who worked hard, focused on Alaska as priority No. 1, relied on her husband for guidance, and who has savvy political instincts. As one Los Angeles Times columnist put it: the email dump was ‘annoyingly gaffe free.’ ... When will the left-wing press learn? The more they try and ruin Palin, the more they show their bias and damage their already thin credibility.”
Rich Galen, former Gingrich press secretary:
“I am not, as regular readers know, a Sarah Palin fan. But this level of excitement over her official emails struck me as very, very creepy.”
Holly Bailey, at The Ticket:
“Over the weekend, the former Alaska governor got a surprising show of support from actor Ashton Kutcher, who trashed the media for digging through thousands of emails Palin sent when she was in office. ‘As much as I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin I find sifting through her emails repulsive and over reaching media,’ Kutcher said on Twitter. The message was re-tweeted by his wife, actress Demi Moore, who added, ‘So agree!’ Their messages came as Palin got a boost from another potentially surprising source: David Mamet, the famously testy playwright, screenwriter and film director who confessed he's ‘crazy about’ the ex-governor.”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Memo to the MSM, when these two brain-dead Hollywood libs are saying enough is enough you might want to take notice.”
Jay Newton-Small, at TIME's Swampland blog:
“Thus far, the 25,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s e-mails from her first year and a half as governor, released by the state of Alaska on Friday, have yielded no bombshells. By all accounts, they show a pre-vice presidential Palin who is warm, writing a friend’s prospective landlord directly to offer a reference. She’s down to earth, laughing off a crotchety state senator’s complaints that her daughter Willow snuck the family’s puppy, Indi, into the Capitol. She’s bi-partisan in her correspondence with legislators; she even praises then Senator Obama’s energy ideas as ‘pretty cool.’ And she’s involved in the details of governing from requests to open a sanctuary to bear hunting to taking her state’s emergency services to task for not keeping her better informed about a disaster they were responding to.”
Greg Sainer, at The Daily Eastern News:
“The Old Guard media probably did not expect that they would end up helping Palin more than hurting her in this instance.”
John Sexton, at Verum Serum:
“Media Shocked, Disappointed to Discover Palin Not a Dummy... One more media attempt to embarrass Sarah Palin has gone down in flames... The thing to notice here, besides the media’s apparent surprise at the results, is that AOL sought out two experts in an apparent attempt to embarrass Palin. Had they gotten a result that suited them, I’ve no doubt this would have been highlighted and shot around the web by the usual suspects. Since the effort failed, it will be sure to get little to no attention on the left.”
Peter Ingemi, at Datechguy's Blog:
“With Apologies to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and thanks to the MSM without whose obsession this would not have been possible...”
Clay Waters, at NewsBusters:
“Michael Shear, chief writer for the New York Times’s ‘Caucus’ blog, sounded sarcastic and bitter, almost angry, at the opening of the paper’s last ‘Caucus’ podcast on Thursday about having to talk about the Anthony Weiner sex scandal... ‘Lots of policy and we’re going to start with the sex scandal!’ ... So what vital hard-core political news did Shear spend the entire following day covering to compensate for having to discuss Weinergate? The three-year-old trove of Sarah Palin emails from her time as Alaska governor.”
Eric Ames, at NewsBusters:
“When Palin critics like Scarborough begin attacking unfair press coverage, it is revealing of just how obsessive the press looks.”
Clay Waters, at NewsBusters:
“Not with a bang but with a whimper. Reporting from Juneau, Alaska, New York Times reporters Jim Rutenberg and William Yardley wrapped up Sunday the less-than-earthshaking findings from the media’s bizarre full-court press to see three-year-old emails from Sarah Palin’s time as Alaska governor -- ‘Palin’s E-Mails Undercut Simplistic Views of Her, Both Positive and Negative... In the three years since Sarah Palin stormed the national political stage, her brief tenure as governor of Alaska has often been reduced to caricature. Critics cast her as petty, preoccupied and disengaged. Supporters say she was a maverick reformer, a salt-of-the-earth true believer who bucked the establishment elite.’ The Times’s own coverage of Palin certainly fits the ‘critics’ part of the bill, and the paper's decision to ‘crowd-source’ the Palin email dump with help from its liberal readership suggests it was eager to uncover controversy. It didn't quite turn out that way, forcing reporters to write around the absence of bombshells. One aspect of the emails that the Times has yet to pick up on -- the death threats Palin received.”
John Fund, at The Wall Street Journal:
“Call it the stalking of Sarah Palin.”
Glenn Reynolds, at Instapundit:
“Stanley Kurtz: ‘I posted some thoughts on the media’s Palin/Obama paper-trail hypocrisy last Friday. Around the same time, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft highlighted the continued refusal of the LA Times to release the unseen but nonetheless famous video tape in which Obama toasted Rashid Khalidi at a testimonial dinner likely also addressed by Bill Ayers. . . . Will we ever get to see that tape, and if so, how best to shake it loose?’ Er, convince ‘em it would be bad for Sarah Palin?”
Alan Moore, at Moore Common Sense:
“But what most media outlets are finding is Sarah Palin’s public persona is a genuine reflection of her private persona. That she works hard, has a loving family, is a staunch conservative, and practices what she preaches.”
Ed Farnan, at Irish Central:
“The left had hoped and prayed(?), a firestorm of impropriety would be revealed in those emails. A Palin misstep would take the heat and spotlight off the scandal that has enveloped the Democrat Party with the revelations coming from Weinergate. But no such luck for them. The Palin emails reveal an honest, moral, upstanding patriotic conservative American. The contrast cannot be anymore stark for the American public when compared to the revelations of disgraced Democrat Congressman Wiener.”
Kathryn Jean Lopez, at NRO's The Corner:
“This seems to be the summer when people actually learn what was in Sarah Palin’s bestseller Going Rogue. That’s a large part of the Stephen Bannon documentary about her... And, perhaps, the e-mails released Friday.”
Mike Landry, at ARRA News Service:
“In the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament is a funny story of a false prophet named Balaam who is hired by the king of Moab to curse Israel. Three times Balaam attempts to make pronouncement upon the Israelis but under the direction of God he can only bless them. Balak, king of Moab, gets frustrated big-time. I was reminded of the Balaam story while watching a clip of a CNN report on the sifting through of 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial e-mails... The CNN piece features Drew Griffin of the CNN Special Investigation Unit discussing the findings to date in the Palin e-mails. He says the e-mails show Palin to have been a hard-working governor dealing with Alaska policy, taxes, budget cuts and mundane items. Griffin says the e-mails reflect Palin’s evolution as a politician. He, in effect, defends her... Of course, this doesn’t seem to sit well with CNN anchor T.J. Holmes – after all, we can’t have a witch hunt if we can’t find the witch... Holmes, by his questions, seems to be seeking a curse on Palin. Griffin gives a blessing instead...”
Cal Thomas, at The Journal Sentinel:
“If she's a sideshow, why are they paying her the kind of attention normally reserved for a main attraction?”
Peter J. Smith, at Life Site News:
“In these emails, Palin is shown to be a mother, who also happens to be the governor of Alaska, and who lives the challenge (and joy) of being pro-life. They reveal the tender humanity of a mother who, faced with the devastating news that her son would be born with some difficulties, found the courage to embrace life – and the faith to believe that God has a special purpose for every life. Palin’s son Trig has Down syndrome. Ninety percent of these children are aborted by their mothers shortly after diagnosis: and little wonder, for doctors talk about Down’s infants in terms of suffering, not the opportunity for joy. Many women choose abortion thinking that they are making a good parenting decision – a painful choice that deprives their child of a miserable life. Enter Sarah Palin and her emails as governor, reintroducing Americans to what ‘pro-life‘ truly means, to having confidence that God does not make mistakes, He gives only the best.”
Ism, at True North:
“Sarah is anything but stupid. She’s brilliant. She’s absolutely brilliant. What’s even more appealing is that she’s competitive.”
The Editors, of The Washington Examiner:
“It would be tempting simply to dismiss the mad rush by the New York Times, the Washington Post and other liberal media outlets to get their hands on those 24,000-plus emails that Sarah Palin wrote while she was governor of Alaska. Clearly, there was a ‘gotcha‘ expectation among journalists poring over the Palin messages. They thought they would find damaging new revelations about the woman who, for good or ill, has become in less than four years one of the most controversial figures in American politics. That nothing of note has yet emerged tells us that something other than sound news judgment drives the reporting agenda in too many newsrooms.”
- JP

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