Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 306

Special Email-free "Lamestream Liberal Losers" Edition

David Limbaugh, at Human Events:
“Obviously, the liberal media do not have the best interests of Reagan conservatives in mind when they do their ‘reporting.’ So when they tell us certain GOP candidates are unelectable or electable, common sense would counsel us to take their advice with mounds of salt. But do we? Surely Ronald Reagan isn't the only qualified, electable Reagan conservative in our lifetimes. Nonetheless, the virtually unchallenged assumption is that Reagan conservatism is extreme and its purveyors intrinsically divisive. The demonization always follows the same pattern. A promising mainstream conservative candidate appears and begins to gain traction and is then relentlessly attacked and marginalized into apparent unelectablility... Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are strong, unapologetic conservatives, qualifying as conservatives on all three legs of Reagan's three-legged stool: economic, social and foreign policy issues. They have both been savaged as inexperienced, extremist, divisive lightweights. But the media never cast Barack Obama's inexperience in a negative light. They conserved their ammo for use solely against Palin, who wasn't even running for the main spot on the ticket and who had far more executive experience than Obama... Why do we keep allowing our political enemies to pick and disqualify our candidates?”
Don Surber, at the Charleston Daily Mail:
“Can Sarah Palin win? That is the question for Republicans... Otherwise, a lesser candidate gets the nomination. For because when all is said and done, she is the candidate who strikes the greatest fear in the heart of David Axelrod.”
Moneyrunner, at The Virginian:
“Palin detractors are legion, but the strange thing about their claims – when you actually think about their claims – is their appeal to people’s stupidity... Palin may not be your cup of tea. You may not want her to be President. But to use the reasons that her enemies have given - and believe them - demonstrate an inability to reason. It is said that experience is the best teacher. I pray that what the vast majority of the people in this country are experiencing now will have its impact on the next election.”
David Mamet, to Hugh Hewitt:
“Sarah Palin is a threat for several reasons. One is she’s a woman, and... the left, if you look at it, really doesn’t like women. How do I know? Well, let’s look at Monica Lewinsky and Broadbent, and Mary Jo Kopechne, and all of these people who were in various ways vastly abused, and in one place, killed by liberal men and the left said nothing about it.”
Mike Opelka, at The Blaze:
“Without a concrete issue to attack, Matthews and his minions change the argument from substance to the subjective, disparaging Sarah Palin‘s intellect and alleging that her ‘One Nation’ bus tour was only done to service her ego. Mr. Matthews (with an assist from David Korn) closed this discussion by veering into the far Left lane on the reality highway, stating their beliefs that Sarah Palin is not running for President in 2012.”
Ken Shepherd, at NewsBusters:
“Matthews may scoff Palin making Revere a hero of Second Amendment adherents and gun rights advocates, but in doing so one has to wonder what exactly he thinks the British regulars were coming for in their April 18, 1775 march on Lexington and Concord.”
John R. Houk, at The NeoConservative Christian Right:
“If you were to Google Sarah Palin and Paul Revere you notice the huge amount of Left Wing websites and bloggers that are pointing to the favorite but erroneous theme that Palin is an idiot not knowing American history. The reality is Palin’s 30 second or so sentence was more accurate than that which was in Public Schools as fact for a half a century. Then when the facts are presented, instead of, ‘O wow! Sarracuda is more intelligent than we thought,’ there was numerous Left Wing butt covering accusations that Sarah Palin’s self-defense and the self-defense of others was lame. If Leftists can’t handle the truth they twist and revise the truth by a lie.”
Whittle, Ott & Green, via PJTV's Trifecta:
“The MSM is in an uproar over Sarah Palin's account of Paul Revere's midnight ride... Could Sarah Palin actually be cleverly using the press to her advantage? Find out...”
Shane Vander Hart, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“I like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN)... [but] Her campaign went off the rails today. Her first mistake was hiring Ed Rollins as a strategist, and now we see the fruit of that decision. Rollins opens mouth and inserts foot, during a radio interview with Brian Kilmeade yesterday when he trashed former Governor Sarah Palin... He doubled down in an interview with POLITICO... This type of thing turns people off... Then there are the rumors I’ve heard from people in Iowa close to Bachmann who have said that a Palin endorsement is in the works. Discredit her and then say she’s endorsing your candidate? It seems like we’re getting a clinic in dirty politics here. This is a campaign strategy sure to backfire.”
T.W. Budig, at
“Whatever the relational status between Bachmann and Palin now, Bachmann was lavish in her praise of Palin after Republican Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain picked Palin as his running mate in 2008.”
Rick Santorum, on why Sarah Palin is such a lightning rod:
“She doesn’t do things the way most politicians do them, doesn’t speak the way most politicians speak and, yes, if you are an outspoken conservative woman, that’s going to attract more criticism as well. That’s been the case in our movement for a very long time; look at how conservative female politicians and columnists and radio hosts are criticized – strong women that don’t tow the party line get attacked. The good news is they tend to handle it better and it seems to faze them less and less. I am proud to be in a party that has a field that includes strong women like Sarah and Michele Bachmann.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“If she runs and if she gets the nomination, she's gonna end up being the one to beat. You mark my words on this.”
Evan Pokroy, at Big Journalism:
“There is so much stupid happening over at MSNBC... Professor Harris-Perry has just compared Anthony Weiner sending explicit pictures to women less than half his age, lying about it to the press, etc. etc. to a Vice Presidential candidate’s teenage daughter becoming pregnant. Stop a minute and savor the stupid. She did say one thing right though, we do know that the Obamas would never have been able to survive that sort of scandal... There would have been no incessant cries of hypocrisy that unfairly plagued Governor Palin, since to be a hypocrite one has to actually have a moral compass.... Well, stupid doesn’t work anymore.”
Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, to Alex Pappas:
“I like Sarah Palin. I like what she stands for. She’s authentic. And she does have juice with the grassroots.”
2012 Iowa Report:
“Sarah Palin and recently announced candidate Mitt Romney vaulted to the top of the G.O.P. presidential field, according to a new poll of Iowa conservatives. The poll, conducted by the 2012 Iowa Report, finds Palin and Romney sharing the lead with 19% support, followed closely by Herman Cain (15%) and Michele Bachmann (12%)... Palin, who continued to grab headlines even as Romney was announcing his candidacy, is showing staying power in the Hawkeye State, even though she has not declared her candidacy.”
- JP

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