Friday, June 10, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 303

Special "The Devil's not in the details; he's in the media" Edition

Peter Ingemi, at Datechguy's Blog:
“We now retire the Canard that the left thinks Palin can’t win... I’m sorry if the two biggest major American newspapers organs to promote liberalism and the Democratic party are recruiting people all over the world for the express purpose and hope of finding dirt on Sarah Palin, we have to assume that... The left fears Sarah Palin in the way that Satan fears Christ... The mainstream media is so anxious, so obsessed with Sarah Palin’s destruction that they are willing to use a tactic that even the most Pollyannaish media supporter can not deny the bias inherent in it. In fact a tactic so destructive that they desperately tried to deny it... The amount of sympathy this is going to generate for Palin among the not involved is considerable and will not be easily countered. Even the attempt to spin something complicated that they might find will still pale before the idea that the media has decided to recruit hundreds of people worldwide to go through someone’s e-mail with the express purpose of destroying them. This is the death knell for the anti-Palin movement’s credibility, and a disaster for every single GOP opponent to her who will be forced to denounce it. Amazing, simply amazing!”
John Hinderaker, at Power Line:
“Lost in the shuffle will be the brilliant record that Sarah Palin amassed in her brief tenure as governor.”
Michelle Malkin, via the Daily Caller:
“Where were all the crowd-sourcing champions at the New York Times and Washington Post when Democrats dumped the thousand-plus pages of the Obamacare and stimulus laws on the American people? How about issuing an open call for collective public analysis of the nearly 1,400 recipients of HHS health care waivers? Or perhaps a project to pursue FOIA requests and reader information-gathering to probe Project Gunrunner?”
Angel, at Push Back Now:
“So liberals... today will feel like heaven to you, although in the minds of many, you will be no better than the media who is trying to destroy the life of a woman who loves this Nation…”
Lori Calabrese, at
“Is this really what it's come to? I'm all for investigating politicians, and with the possibility wide open of a potential Palin run for the presidency, I think it's relevant that we know about Palin's history. However, why does it seem as though these requests are only directed at one person? It would definitely seem as though this energy could be used for investigating candidates who have already declared. Frankly, the same media barely vetted the guy actually sitting in the Oval Office and Americans hardly know anything about his career as an attorney and whether or not he was a good student. Let's not even get into the whole birth certificate thing.”
Vilmar, at Kickin' And Screamin':
“WaPo and NY Times: Validate Obama birth certificate? No thanks. Dig into Palin emails? You Betcha!”
Pamela Geller, at Atlas Shrugs:
“Such naked hate is without equal. If America is paying attention, this could serve to be an ‘aha’ moment. An indication of just how over the line and over the edge the left has gone to destroy anyone that poses a threat to their plan to dismantle this once great nation. That is what they are doing. The more righteous and patriotic the person, the more vile and debased the attacks. The idea that we should stay away from Palin as a possible Presidential candidate because the enemy within (the left) hate her so much is the quintessence of defeatism and stupidity... Why should the party of hate and destruction decide who our candidate is? ... Sarah Palin is one of us. She is family. Fight for her.”
Kyle Drennen, at NewsBusters:
“Without having seen a single email, [NBC} national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff argued that Palin ‘may now be facing a storm.’ ... Isikoff speculated on the contents of the e-mails, assuming the information would all be damaging to Palin...”
Cliff Kincaid, of Accuracy in Media, via The DC:
“The appeal for help going through the Palin emails reflects both liberal bias and laziness on the part of these news organizations. They want dirt on Palin but don’t want to get their fingernails dirty doing the digging. They personally don’t want to spend the time sifting through the material, but are afraid they might miss something that could be interpreted in such a way as to cast Palin in a bad light... So they are relying on amateurs and free labor to do the heavy lifting. Reporters don’t have the time to actually do the work because they are primping for their next TV appearance or getting makeup in the green room. This is the nature of liberal journalism today.”
Pat Dollard:
“And did they do this type of investigation of Obama? Of course not. They were in the business of electing him, as they are now in the business of trying to re-elect him by destroying his most formidable opponent.”
Steve Gilbert, at Sweetness & Light:
“By the way, does anyone remember any of our media outlets expressing any similar interest in the University Of East Anglia’s CRU emails, which proved that ‘man-made global warming’ is largely a hoax? We don’t either... The mistake here comes from thinking that the Washington Post and the New York Times are interested in journalism. They are not. They are simply organs of the Democrat Party. Still, we have to ask, whatever happened to the claim that Sarah Palin was irrelevant?”
Wordsmith, at Flopping Aces:
“What is with their obsessive hatred of her?”
Jedediah Bila, via The Daily Caller:
“Sarah Palin is a gutsy, principled conservative with a solid record of accomplishments, and that scares the living daylights out of the Left. They typically don’t pick on her record because AGIA, ACES, slashing earmarks by 85%, investing $5 billion in state savings, and backing up rhetoric about transparency and spending cuts with bold action are tough to pick on. So, they dig for something ridiculous they hope media outlets will run with via catchy headlines... Many of the same ‘journalists’ insisting that Palin is irrelevant ironically hang on her every word, desperate to snatch something they can sensationalize. Interesting that so many of those reporters don’t harbor the same investigative passion when it comes to their heroes on the left.”
Say It Ain't So, at Quite Normal:
“Lib media asks public to help them smear Sarah Palin...”
“Times + Post = National Enquirer... Eager to try to denigrate and embarrass Governor Palin, in an effort to derail a possible presidential campaign, the two most famous newspapers in America came up with what they thought was a great idea... Their readers did not quite respond in the manner in which the Washington Post thought that they would. It seems that Palin Derangement Syndrome only goes so far and then that still, small voice that tells you the difference between right and wrong takes over... Now, these two prestigious news organizations face a two-fold problem: First, the majority of their readers and the America public have recognized this tactic for what it is: ‘gotcha’ journalism, and have responded to the newspapers appropriately. Secondly, if there proves to be nothing out of the ordinary as pertains to the day-to-day business of running the largest state in America as a result of their reading of the 24,000 e-mails, the Post and the Times are going to look like bigger sleazeballs than Anthony Weiner.”
- JP

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