Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 301

"Listen" Edition

Lori Calabrese, at
“When Palin talks, the media should actually listen... Whenever Sarah Palin speaks, the world is listening, but are they really? When Palin set off on her 'One Nation' Bus Tour, a convoy of media followed close behind, hoping to get the scoop on her true intentions behind a presidential run. At every stop, reporters hurled questions at the former Governor, but were they really interested in the message of the tour or were they just hoping to catch Palin mispeak and discredit her so their ratings could soar? First, it's important to note how Palin engaged the media and fielded questions on this tour, despite the notion that Palin only talks to FOX News. But of course, it's inevitable that when Palin does engage the media, the media doesn't focus on Palin's stance on issues, instead they focus in on any attempt to degrade her... What's interesting is how historians have come to Palin's defense...”
Rich Noyes, at NewsBusters:
“For the third time in as many weeknights, the NBC Nightly News has devoted airtime to the fuss over Sarah Palin’s recounting of Paul Revere’s ride at the onset of the Revolutionary War.”
Matt Lewis, at The Daily Caller:
“Sarah Palin’s critics often accuse her of being too sensitive or skeptical of the media. There may be something to that, but it’s also safe to say that Palin has plenty of good reason to resent the ‘lamestream’ media... The most recent example comes from ABC News... Palin is referred to as a ‘Sideshow Candidate’ — a curious designation for someone who places second in many national polls for the GOP primary... But what may be even worse is that ABC News quotes Ron Kaufman three times — identifying him simply as ‘a Republican strategist who worked on George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan’s campaigns.’ (In 2008, Kaufman was also a prominent adviser for Mitt Romney — a point which might have been relevant for ABC to disclose …)”
Northern Exposer, at Conservative Jedi:
“Believe it or not, the usually hateful, spiteful, ignorant Joy Behar actually defended Sarah Palin from Baba Wawa's ridiculous attack from an even more ridiculous analogy. Maybe that poor delusional Harold Camping wasn't too far off when he said the Apocalypse was near.”
Elizabeth Scalia, at The Anchoress:
“I am the only blogger in the world, it seems, who is not writing about Anthony Weiner... To my way of thinking, the saddest part of this story is Barbara Walters' devolution; this once-respected newswoman nears the end of her distinguished career by playing as ghastly a non-sequitur as I’ve ever heard, saying (in essence) if Sarah Palin ‘can ride around on her bus,’ Weiner Can Stay in Congress. When Joy Behar, of all people has to defend Sarah Palin from your bizarrely gratuitous swipe, you know you’ve let your hate lead you too far into Whackyland... This is the problem with the mainstream media in a nutshell. They ‘know’ the people they’re supposed to be covering, and they consider themselves ‘friends’ of those people. And it has ruined them.”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“Palin Derangement Syndrome was in full bloom on MSNBC's ‘Hardball’ Tuesday... Chris Matthews went on a hate-filled rant accusing the former Alaska governor of being ‘out to cause trouble’ and wanting ‘bad news about America’...”
Cassy Fiano, at Hot Air’s Green Room:
“Apparently, joking about assassination is A-OK as long as it’s someone like Sarah Palin. Yet somehow, it’s the right that supposedly needs lessons in civility. I guess we just don’t understand that it’s perfectly acceptable to murder someone for their political beliefs, so long as the murderer is a liberal and the victim is a conservative. No wonder these morons idolize people like Che Guevara... Were Sarah Palin a Democrat, then these incidents would be all over the media. Titus’ remarks would be denounced as fueling violent rhetoric against an innocent woman just trying to serve her country. But, alas, Palin has an (R) next to her name instead of a (D). So death threats and stalkers are brushed under the rug, and assassination is comedy. So much for civility in politics.”
Tina Korbe, at Hot Air:
“Shouldn’t this deserve a little attention from the opponents of Palin’s crosshairs poster — you know, from avowed and profound proponents of civility?”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“For those unfamiliar, Titus actually had a show bearing his name on Fox at the beginning of the last decade that was even nominated for an Emmy. Now he makes crass jokes about killing a woman if she's elected president, and the audience thinks it's funny. Readers are reminded how often we were told by liberal media members in January that such violent rhetoric only comes from the Right. That's because such talk when aimed at conservatives is exempt from their rules of decency. What a crock.”
Hollywoodland , at Big Hollywood:
“Does it go without saying that should Governor Palin to choose to run in 2012 that Titus needs to be at the top of the list of those investigated by the Secret Service?”
Doug Powers, at
“I ask if Rollins knows for a fact that Sarah Palin is even going to run, because if he doesn’t, what’s the sense in criticizing someone Bachmann describes as a friend who could potentially be an asset on the campaign trail? It sounds as if Rollins is fairly certain Palin’s going to enter the fray, but again, if he’s not sure and is just taking instinctive jabs, he’s not serving his client very well right out of the gate.”
Politico, via
“Poll: Palin leads GOP pack... according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll. Palin... has the support of 22 percent of Republicans surveyed, with Romney in second place, at 20 percent.”
Steve Bannon, director of The Undefeated, via David Weigel at Slate:
“ABC News, CBS, Huffington Post, Weekly Standard -- institutions that I have a lot of respect for, that have not been organs of pro-Palinista coverage, have covered this with basically rave reviews... We have a chart in the film -- I needed to show people the compression of time -- of the polls when she was chosen. McCain's eight points down, she gets a phone call. She goes to Dayton [for the launch event]. She gives that speech. They have those rallies. She has a four point lead. I say that again: She has a four-point lead.”
Devonia Smith, at
“How easy would it be for Sarah Palin to raise enough money to run and beat Obama? A GOP expert today claims all Palin would have to do is, ‘Snap her fingers,’ with a warning that Democrats should be careful what they wish for.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Liberty's Lamp:
“The one who can lead us with the beam of liberty in her eyes and the fire of freedom burning in her belly is growing stronger with each passing day. While there are many among us who have yet to believe in the possibilities, many more are seeing the light as the media myth crumbles before them. Proof that the media myth is crumbling is in the numbers. RealClear Politics reported Palin's poll numbers as gloomy just a little over 5 short months ago. Today, she is at the highest she's ever been in the polls since polling for 2012 started. For those of you in the media, this is called a story, and it needs to be reported.”
- JP

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