Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 297

Special "Son of Paul Revere & the Haters" Edition

Marooned In Marin:
“In their never ending effort to destroy Sarah Palin, the Obama Lapdog Media and leftist, George Soro$ funded bloggers at Think Progress thought they had the goods to prove once and for all how much of an idiot Sarah Palin is... There's only one problem...Palin was right! ... It's also fair to assume Sarah Palin knows there aren't 57 states in America, doesn't need a teleprompter to speak in a sixth grade classroom, knows you don't give someone with asthma a breathalyzer, and you end a toast to the Queen of England by saying ‘Her Majesty, the queen.’”
Contrary in Texas, at Contrary:
“And don't forget that the mainstream media ridiculed Sarah for saying the Boston Tea Party occurred in 1773. She was correct then, too.”
Charlie Martin, at The PJ Tatler:
“I’ll remind you of Barry Goldwater, the thoughtless stupid ideologue who set a lot of the Conservative movement in motion; Jerry Ford, the stupid clumsy oaf who was a football star, who graduated in the top 25 percent at Yale Law School while coaching football full time, and was known to be supremely athletic, continuing to ski well into old age; and Ronald Reagan, the ‘mere actor’ who was president of SAG, two-term Governor of California, two-term President of the United States, and who even liberal historian Doug (son of David) Brinkley now admits was a brilliant and well-read man. And I’d suggest that anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is stupid should never, never ever, take the other side of a bar bet with her.”
Thomas Gann, at The Battle Of Atlanta:
“So it seems Paul Revere really did warn the British after all. Who would have known? Sarah Palin knew!”
Hunter Duesing, at Parcbench:
“Despite what you’ve heard or may think, there really isn’t anything incorrect about what Palin said... Paul Revere actually warned the British Regulars, also known as the Redcoats, about the colonists being armed and ready. I know, crazy right? Why on Earth would Paul Revere, a huge figure in American mythology, do such a thing? Surely this isn’t true, Silly Sarah’s obviously being the dumb female stereotype we liberals have built up in the media. I mean, c’mon! She can see Russia from her house, right guys?! In case you aren’t an American history nerd... prepare for some schoolin’. Revere had an encounter with the British during his ride, in which, as they held a gun to his chest, he told them every gun-toting colonist behind him knew they were coming, and they were ready to blow their heads off. Oh yeah, and the Redcoats were subsequently shot at by said colonists while they had Revere in tow. Oops... The Wonkette piece also states that Palin was referring to the Second Amendment, something she obviously never brought up, a fact that is painfully obvious if you, ya know, watched the video... Sorry Wonkette, but it turns out Sarah Palin knows more about American history than you do. Better luck next time, kidlets.”
Donna, at The Mad Jewess:
“Brain Williams took a cheap shot at Palin at the conclusion of his story on NBC last night. Sorry Brian, Sarah was correct.”
Sister Toljah:
“Liberals would have you believe that Bill Clinton’s impeachment was about sex, when in actuality it was about him lying under oath... an impeachable offense. Popular history tells us that the 1964 Civil Rights Act happened because Democrats were fearless champions of the rights of minorities. In reality, prior to that Act being signed into law, every significant piece of civil rights legislation signed into law was done so thanks to Republican legislators and Presidents. Not only that, but as a percentage of their party, more Republicans voted for the 1964 Act than Democrats. Popular history tells us that Paul Revere’s ride was to warn Revolutionaries that the British were coming, which is true, but what is not widely known – as evidenced by the left-wing freak-out over Palin’s comments – is that Revere also warned the British, when detained. Funny how left wing elites think they know it all – but they really don’t. How amusing it’s been to find out that the joke this week has been on them, thanks to a bit of educatin’ by the lowly Sarah Palin.”
Gun Shy Tourist, at Around O-Town Orlando:
“Don't you just love it when the progressives mock someone for being stupid, and then you find out that it was them who were wrong?”
Ted Sporer, at The Real Sporer:
“Once the liberal ignorance of Revere's warning of defeat was exposed, their behavior was classic and predictable... Deny the historical evidence, furnished by Revere himself. Why? Was Paul Revere a known liar? Nothing in the historical record supports that proposition. Rather, liberals now argue that Revere's contemporaneous record of a conversation should be disregarded because it inconveniently demonstrates the shallow nature of the Sarah-phobic left. The liberals also get a chance to toss a little mud in the direction of an American hero, lagniappe for those who believe no American heroes exist beyond the 50/60s civil rights campaigns... How loud is the laughter on the Palin family truckster? Loud enough to hear in sleepy little Iowa.”
The King of Texas:
“So there, Chris Matthews... Palin knows more than you do!”
Rustmeister, at Rustmeister's Alehouse:
“She's gone and done it again, made all those thoughtful progressives pee themselves. See, in a recent news bit, she mentioned how Paul Revere warned the British that the Americans were preparing for war on his famous ride. Those learned liberals (as well as conservative Palin haters), whose whole frame of reference on the issue is a poem, jumped on it as yet another example of how st00pid she is. However, just like the Great Boston Tea Party Incident, she was right. I wonder, does she do it on purpose?”
Ripley, at Sisterhood of the Mommy Patriots:
“Yet again they underestimate her and make the mistake of buying their own false narrative. Yet again they have egg on their faces.”
Maria S, at Dodo Can Spell:
“The lame-stream-media is left limping again from another wallop by Sarah Palin. The incomplete knowledge on almost all matters that the LSM seem to possess gets them into trouble time and time again. Palin loves her country, so she researches everything that has made America great. The socialist media... does not give two hoots about the USA or it's history. All they want to do is find fault with everything that Palin says. Knuckleheads don't have a clue who they are dealing with when it comes to Palin.”
The Right Scoop:
“Even Chris Wallace supported her answer, noting that he wasn’t quite sure and had to google it for himself, saying at the very end, ‘we both know now’. Poor libs, they just exposed their stupidity and willingness to smear someone again without the facts. I guess they’ll never learn that Sarah Palin is right.”
Devonia Smith, at
“‘I know my American history,’ said Sarah Palin, this morning, her eyes twinkling with mirth as she had the hearty last laugh at the ‘lamestream media’. Palin stood by her correct historical account of Paul Revere's ride. It is the mainstream media who Palin believes obviously needs to bone up on their own American history so they won't embarrass themselves in the future, playing into her right wing hands by getting it wrong in their haste to play ‘gotcha’ journalism with her or any other conservative.”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“Sorry libs. Sarah Palin stood by her correct narrative of Paul Revere’s ride(s) today on FOX News Sunday.”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo! Associated Content:
“So how was it that Palin got it right and just about everyone else got it wrong about Paul Revere and his famous ride? Most peoples' knowledge about Revere begins and ends with the famous Longfellow poem, which somewhat fudged the actual history of the ride that night in 1775. Palin either has actually cracked open a book or, just as likely, was paying attention to the lecture visitors get when they go to Paul Revere's home, unlike her critics. And so it goes.”
Mark Bauer:
“Let me guess, the media geniuses (public schooled, I presume?) based their criticism of Palin on the rhyme by Longfellow, thinking it was a historical account. Brilliant.”
MKFreeberg, at House of Eratosthenes:
“Now that we’ve been through enough turns on this merry-go-round, I wish to take a look at the people who continuously pipe up, sneering at Sarah Palin that she needs to study a history or just crack open a book… without first studying history or cracking open a book [themselves]...”
Jim O:
“Once again, this time on the issue of Paul Revere, Sarah Palin proves more knowledgeable than her smug, elitist critics.”
- JP

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