Friday, June 3, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 294

"Better than the way we had" Edition

William Teach, at Right Wing News:
“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: for someone who is supposed to be a lightweight, stupid, and has no chance of being president, Palin sure scares the panty shields off of the liberal media and the GOP intelligentsia, and The Politico is there to make sure they tell us once again that Palin is not serious... Palin’s doing things in a completely different way, and brings excitement. Whether this leads to a presidential run or not, she’s shaking things up, as she always does. And people will stream out to see her, or to take the chance to see her... Vis a vis the establishment, perhaps they should get off their duffs, climb aboard, and realize that politics can change. How’d doing things the old way work out in 2006 and 2008? Then consider, how’d doing things different work in 2010?”
Andrea Billups, at Human Events:
“Back to Sarah. Here’s why she continues to fascinate. Because she somehow decided long ago that she’d define herself and not listen to other voices.”
Doug Powers, at
“Many Beltway Republicans will say that Washington needs to think and operate differently in order to tackle the crushing debt, economic turmoil and all manner of problems that our country is enduring. But when somebody comes along who operates slightly outside the box and doesn’t follow the status quo rulebook — even at something as trivial as a bus tour — some of those same people criticize that person as an blundering, unserious neophyte for not falling into the traditional line... Political theater doesn’t win elections, Sarah, so give it up before you do something crazy like build a fake Greek temple from which to deliver a speech, because nobody who takes part in that kind of theater will end up as president. Wait, nevermind.”
bc3b, at Be John Galt:
“It appears the ‘Cuda may be ready to collect some IOUs.”
Matt Latimer, former Bush speechwriter, at The Daily Beast:
“Palin's Winning the Media War... She continues to embark on a strategy that only a decade or two ago — before Fox News and the blogosphere — might have been political suicide... Members of the press, that queasy feeling you have begun to experience is the knowledge that Sarah Palin has become a media genius. And she owes it all to you. Keep it up, and this once unthinkable transformation just might propel her to the White House.”
Michele Bachmann, via ABC News:
“I like Sarah Palin a lot... And I don’t consider her a competitor, I consider her a friend.”
Howie Carr, at the Boston Herald:
“Since 2008 the only people who have treated Palin worse than the GOP bosses are the mainstream media. And for once the Karl Roves and the Comrade Chris Matthews agree on one thing — how stupid Sarah is, as if there’s a brain surgeon in the White House now. Apparently Palin is so stupid that she realizes she can get free TV by stopping for a few minutes in the North End. She’s so dumb she does a video interview with this newspaper, which is what Republican primary voters in New Hampshire read when they’re not checking out the Union Leader. Sarah Palin is so clueless she even had a clambake scheduled at 7 p.m. last night in Seabrook, so that Carl Cameron from the Fox News Channel would have somewhere to do his liveshot from... So in the past 96 hours of her bus tour, Palin has bonded with the following constituencies: Harley-Davidson owners, Donald Trump fans, pizza lovers, Italian-Americans, Comedy Central viewers, Ellis Island history buffs, to name a few. And the whole ‘one nation’ tour cost her, what, $100,000?”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Dumbest Palin Slur Ever: She Stole Obama’s Font!”
Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air:
“The media keeps treating Palin like a celebrity rather than a political thinker, and they keep playing right into her hands as they do. That kind of treatment has to be a little galling, but Palin’s putting it to the best possible use... Again, this is exactly the kind of political tour that other Republicans have conducted, with much more serious coverage from the media than given Palin’s tour. With all of those reporters following the bus, why aren’t more of them reporting the political story rather than the celebrity story?”
Colleen O'Connor, at RanchoBernardoPatch:
“It is a mistake to underestimate Palin or her agenda.”
Jeffrey Bell, at National Review Online:
“That Romney and Palin are standing at the top of the field is consistent with Republican history. To a far greater extent than Democrats, Republicans tend to favor presidential candidates who, if they are not incumbents, have run national campaigns before. Romney was a prominent player in the 2008 presidential primaries, and Palin was the GOP nominee for vice president that same year. With the exception of the 75-year-old Ron Paul, who ran as a marginal Republican candidate in 2008 and as Libertarian-party nominee in 1988, none of the other active or probable candidates has ever before sought national office. (The only exception since 1964 to the GOP’s pro-experience pattern, George W. Bush in 2000, involved the son of the previous Republican president.)”
Patrick Ishmael, at Hot Air's Green Room:
“Hot Air Candidate Survey Results: June Edition... Sarah Palin wins. Rick Perry places. Herman Cain shows. Mitt Romney fourth, and Tim Pawlenty fifth.”
Mark Noonan, at Blogs for Victory:
“Plenty of people on the right, especially in the punditry-class, make objection after objection to Sarah Palin. But I’m with Levin on this – there aren’t any substantive criticisms being offered. The only thing they can really hang their hat on is that Palin is, supposedly, ‘un-electable’. Well, so was Ronald Reagan. For that matter, so was Barack Obama. Think about it. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton? Both needed a split opposition in order to have their political carcasses dragged across the finish line. Only a relative few Presidential candidates have ever been ‘electable’ in the sense of there being no particular objection to their election – Dwight Eisenhower, Ulysses Grant, George Washington…everyone else had to have a series of lucky breaks and a lot of opposition errors to get in there. Sarah Palin is no more un-electable than anyone else out there.”
David Limbaugh, via Twitter:
“I guess I'm just not smart enough to recognize Sarah's stupidity. I wasn't smart enough to pick up on Reagan's in 1980 either -- or in 1976”
Erick Erickson, at
“I still think Sarah Palin is not running. Given the leaks and buzz about Fox News pressuring Gingrich, Santorum, and Huckabee to make up their minds and that we are not hearing this about Sarah Palin suggests to me that they know she is not running. UPDATE at 4:27 p.m.: That might have just changed. All that said, as this bus tour rolls along, I think she is seeing if she can affect an uptick in favorability ratings. If she can, I think she might change her mind. Should Palin get in, she will be a game changer. A Michele Bachmann candidacy loses its allure. Pawlenty has trouble continuing his steady build up. Cain disappears off the headlines. It’s all Palin all the time.”
- JP

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