Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 292

"Over their heads" Edition

Dan Riehl, at Big Journalism:
“Time and again, it appears to me that Sarah Palin does, media-wise, what she wants to do and not what the media seems to expect of her. Is that really such a bad thing? Well, perhaps it is if one sees his- or herself as knowing it all, some sort of media personality and alleged expert about something, as opposed to simply a journalist or reporter... Personally, I’m content to watch the show play out, whatever it may be – watching the media scramble to try and make some sense of it from their perspective, while continuing to attempt to remind us just how important they are, as opposed to Palin, perhaps, is simply the icing on the cake, in a way. Given the relative unpopularity of the media in America today, it is worth wondering just how many Americans may be viewing all this the very same way. For better or worse, just as I’ve said Palin seems extremely innovative in terms of her use of media in politics, I also think she is using it to take Reagan’s concept of going over the media’s head directly to the people to a new level, as well.”
Kurt Schlichter, at Big Journalism:
“Her bus tour... was straight out of ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu counseled his students to know their enemies as they know themselves, and to take advantage of their enemies’ weaknesses and laziness. And that’s just what Sarah has done.”
Mark Hemingway, at The Weekly Standard Blog:
“MSNBC: Palin In ‘Breach Of Federal Law’ for Using the Flag. Or Something... In case you doubted that Palin derangement syndrome is still one of the most potent forces in American politics, I give you MSNBC's Martin Bashir... Uh, what? Of all the objections that could be raised, let alone coming from a TV anchor who's British, that is just really, really strange -- not to mention wildly off base to suggest she's violating federal law for using the flag on a speaking tour about patriotism.”
Jim Geraghty, at NRO's Campaign Spot:
“Oh, wait, it’s only an outrage when Sarah Palin does it.”
Eric Ames, at NewsBusters:
“Joe Scarborough, MSNBC's favorite Republican, on Tuesday continued his habit of slamming conservatives. He knocked former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's One Nation bus tour as ‘a big, old, fat weekend of nothing, politically.’ The former vice presidential candidate spent this Memorial Day weekend in Washington D.C., where she visited important historical sites, including backdrops that many political candidates have used before. Scarborough and his Morning Joe colleagues, however, were determined to avoid taking her seriously.”
Kyle Drennen, at NewsBusters:
“NBC's Curry Whines About Palin's ‘Bad Relationship’ With Media, ‘Not Playing Well’ With GOP...”
Melissa Clouthier, at
“One thing Sarah Palin is acknowledging is that the media world has changed. She’s embraced her ability to control the message by bypassing the traditional media. They’re forced to cover her anyway. Meanwhile, a lot of other Republicans count success by a page 15 mention in the New York Times. They’re woefully behind the times on that account. Sarah Palin is a savvy and flexible politician. Going her own way may scare some donors who are used to doing things the way they’ve always been done, but I would submit that the old ways haven’t worked so well.”
Doug Powers, at The Powers That Be:
“The way the media is covering the start of Palin’s bus tour, it would be more fitting if Sarah were riding in a white Ford Bronco.”
Moneyrunner, at The Virginian:
“Sarah Palin is exactly where she wants to be doing exactly what she wants to do. She is so well known that she does not have to follow the conventional script of all other candidates. This country has serious problems, and she will take her message about the solutions directly to the people without the filter of the MSM. She has nearly two years to change the impression that people have about her competence. The media overdid their demonization; it set the bar so low that she can virtually waltz over it. Now she will campaign her own way, in her own time and via her own communications channels. And the media yap-dogs will be left in her wake. They have to cover her but they will hate every minute of it.”
Charlie Spiering, at the Washington Examiner:
“Continuing on bus tour, Sarah Palin sounding more like a candidate...”
Glenn Beck, via The Right Scoop:
“I really, really like Sarah Palin the way she doesn't care [about the media]. I think what the media doesn't see coming is there's going to be more people like that very soon... The media- all they're doing is holding on to their power. They don't like it- again, it is a ‘guild thing.’ They don't like the fact that Sarah Palin will not walk through their gates and bow to their gods... Who the hell are you media? Who are you? You think you're the protector. You're not the protector... You haven't protected the Constitution. You haven't protected the people's money. You haven't protected the people's rights. None of it.”
Breda, at The Breda Fallacy:
“The media is throwing temper tantrums because Sarah Palin dares to go wherever she wants without notifying them in advance. But, hey, at least she's not having journalists locked in closets, right?”
Bob Belvedere, at The Camp of the Saints:
“Whether you think Sarah Palin would make a damn fine President or not, whether you think she could win or not, you’ve got to love the way she’s been sticking it to the Mainstream Media and The Establishment [both Left and Right] the past few days. Both groups have been reduced to indignant, stuttering rages over her refusal to play by their rules... This is a gal who got fed-up with others painting their own pictures of her – she merely took control of the brushes and the paints. Good for her. Message to the Krauthammer/Will/Kristol contingent: you risk looking like fools if you continue to underestimate this lady. Don’t make the same mistake you did in the late 1970′s when you did the same to a certain actor/cowboy. Man…I love this gal.”
Skip MacLure:
“The vision of the ‘press’ frantically trying to second guess Sarah Palin as she takes them on a wild game of ‘Fox and Hounds’ is just too funny.”
Don Surber, at the Charleston Daily Mail:
“So quit acting like paparazzi... A CBS News senior political reporter complains about Sarah Palin’s treatment of the press. Boo hoo hoo. She is so mean to them. And after all they have done to her. Er, for her. Here is an idea: Quit chasing her. Quit acting like paparazzi. Quit the childish insistence on following her every move. This is not journalism. It is stalking. She is not the American Princess Di. The press sneers at her — ‘she told fellow Fox News employee Greta Van Susteren’ — and then wonders why she wants nothing to do with them. Instead of praying, CBS News Producer Ryan Corsaro should stop chasing her. Instead, CBS News should use its resources covering the president and the vice president, who keep barring the press from campaign fund-raisers.”
- JP

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