Friday, June 10, 2011

Matt Lewis: AMC Theatres signs deal for Sarah Palin film distribution

“The documentary is made to be seen on a big screen.”
When "The Undefeated," the new major documentary film about Gov. Palin debuts on July 15, it will be shown exclusively in select AMC Theatres, according to a press release from writer/director Stephen K. Bannon's production company, Victory Film Group. Matt Lewis has the story at The Daily Caller:
“We are thrilled that AMC will give The Undefeated a national theatrical release this summer,” says Glenn Bracken Evans of Victory Film Group. “The documentary is made to be seen on a big screen.”

The film, which tells the story of Palin’s rise from relative obscurity to becoming a political star, is slated to open in presumably Palin-friendly target markets such as Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Atlanta, Orange County, Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City.

“AMC is committed to providing distinct content to diverse audiences across the United States,” said Nikkole Denson-Randolph, VP, Specialty & Alternative Content at AMC Theatres. “We are proud to consistently offer a wide variety of product to our guests.”

Jonathan Dern, President of Cinedigm Entertainment Group (the group managing the theater release) noted that “… digital cinema allows us to be extremely precise and efficient in our distribution strategy, bringing this much-anticipated film directly to interested theatre-goers.”

“After screening The Undefeated, we took the unusual step of immediately exploring an expedited theatrical release, something we normally wouldn’t do during the busy summer months,” said Trevor Drinkwater, CEO, ARC Entertainment, the company managing worldwide distribution for the project.

Bannon couldn't have found a better launching platform for his movie. AMC's 360 theaters offer more than 5,000 screens available to show "The Undefeated" across the U.S. and Canada. That includes, as Lewis points out, 24 of the 50 highest-grossing theaters in the nation, including the top three.


The full press release is here. The movie poster was found here. Vote for locations where you would like to see "The Undefeated screened here. The movie's website is up and running here.

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